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Jets Suffer First Loss After Five Consecutive Wins

The Jets Battle the Packers

This past Sunday the Jets had an opportunity to win their sixth straight game for the first time in over ten years. Too bad the weather in East Rutherford, NJ was as windy as it was, as it resulted in a 9-0 loss to the Green Bay Packers. The Jets are the first team to be shut-out this season.

After their loss to the Baltimore Ravens in the opening game of the season, the Jets have really been able to step it up, with Tomlinson, Scott, Greene, Cotchery, Revis, and of course the rapidly improving Sanchez making great plays. The running back LaDainian Tomlinson is already 31, and yet he leads the team with numerous touchdown runs, and averages 5 yards per carry. He, along with Walter Payton, is one of the only players in NFL history with 13,000 rushing yards and 4,000 receiving yards.

The turnout of this week’s game was definitely unexpected. The Jets coach Rex Ryan said that they had “let one get away” from them, and that he thought they “were in great position, especially the way the defense played, to win this football game. We just never got it done.” Although the offense was hard-pressed, the Jets held a tight D, and the Packers were unable to score as well. The Packers scored two field goals and the Jets missed one, and the last opportunity for a Jets victory came during the last few minutes of the game when the Jets were positioned at their own 23 yard line. Sanchez passed first to Cotchery, who dropped it, was sacked, and then took a chance at Edwards who had gone deep. The Packers then scored a field goal, ending the game at 9-0.

Before the Jets’ last stand, receivers had been dropping quite a number of Sanchez’s passes, some of which resulted in turnovers. Sanchez did connect with Cotchery for a 49 yard gain, but the team went for a field goal, which was wide to the right as a result of the tricky winds. The Jets do not feel like this game was in any way indicative of games to come. Coach Ryan says they will “learn from this week and head on to next week’s opponent.”


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