French Tourist Facing Jail Time for Bridge Climbing Attempt

Brooklyn Bridge photo by  David Blaikie
Brooklyn Bridge photo by David Blaikie

After two embarrassing breaches of security for the NYPD, a third incident of a man attempting to climb the Brooklyn Bridge has propelled the police into action, taking the man into custody and threatening him with harsh punishment.

French tourist and amateur photographer Yonathan Souid, 23, was in New York for a four day visit with an international Jewish organization when he decided on his last day in town that he would like to get a special shot from on top of the bridge.

A friend of Souid, 74-year old Israel Shemtov said that his friend just loves to take great pictures.

“He’s an innocent boy. He loves to take pictures from the craziest places. That’s all this is” Shemtov said. “He’s the type of guy who would climb anything to go to the highest place to take pictures.”

The police, however, do not see climbing the bridge for any reason as innocent anymore. After treating two previous climbing incidents lightly, the authorities are ready to crack down to prevent such behavior in the future.

“This defendant’s foolish and unlawful conduct is a breach of security and a danger to himself and others” DA Ken Thompson said. “It will not be tolerated. This is not a game and we will be seeking jail time.”

Souid is facing possible jail time of up to one year for criminal violations including trespassing and second-degree reckless endangerment.


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