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Meet Brooklyn’s Most Fashion Conscious, All From Manhattan

When thinking about fashion and fashion trends, people immediately associate Paris, Milan, London, New York with that magic word ‘fashion.’ But what about ‘Brooklyn?’ Well, contrary to popular belief, there are people in Brooklyn who also know how to dress. And where might they be hiding? Last week it seems photographer Sam Horine found them all in one place, at Rebar in Dumbo (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass- for those of us from South Brooklyn.) They were all there for the “Brooklyn 38” Party” a celebration of the most “essential places, spaces and destinations” in the “big BK.”

So who are these ‘Scene Stealers’ already? Well if you would like to judge for yourself whether or not they are truly fashion conscious, follow the link. But if you want my humble opinion, out of the fourteen captured in Sam Horine’s lens, I would say that Lori Cheek, the founder of Cheekd, looked great, with fantastic tie-up sandals, a gorgeous, comfortable-looking dress, and funky sunglasses all wonderfully complimenting her amazing silver hair and emphasizing her sweet, sincere smile. Also Alexa Klebanow, a technology consultant visiting Brooklyn from her home in Greenwich Village looked snazzy in a striped black and white blazer perfectly matched with a simple black dress and high-heeled pumps, which did look a bit uncomfortable. But we all know that’s the price us women must pay to get our pictures in the fashion pages. But my favorite was Grace Tsou, an economic consultant. (I wonder what that means exactly for someone who is only 22 years old. Does she train the cashier at the Gap store where she works?) Grace also came all the way out to Dumbo from her digs on the Lower East Side. Her photograph proves that no matter what you wear, even if it’s just a bag, your inner beauty will still express itself. There is no doubt she has a beauty that needs no other accompaniment for it to be appreciated. Complimenting Grace’s white linen bag-dress were a comfortable pair of ‘tong-style’ sandals and an over the shoulder black-bag perfectly chosen to match the sandals.   Definitely a woman (however young) with style and grace.

Yes, there were a few guys that made it to the slide show, but let’s just say that some of them look like they pulled their clothes from the top of the pile of laundry that was still in need of folding and putting away. One young man, who will go nameless, looked a bit silly in black shoes, no socks, ankle length! pants, and a grey and black conservatively striped tie. It’s hard to tell if he was serious, or if ‘fashion’ has taken a definite turn for the worse. And can someone please tell me how someone all of 22 years old can be a ‘financier?’ What, exactly, am I missing?


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