Drink and Draw with Kevin Tarasuk

If you are artistic and enjoy drinking — then the BYOB classes at the Painting Lounge in Williamsburg might be just the thing for you.   Kevin Tarasuk has created the alcohol painting lessons that are taking Brooklyn by storm.

Tarasuk, a Miami-born artist, says that,

“Having the alcohol sets the tone for the class.”

And the painters at his Union Avenue studio would have to agree. His artistic style is about mimicking the artwork of big artists. Each week, painters come and are taught by Tarasuk how to imitate one masterpiece on the 16×20 inch canvases that he offers.

Nervous first-time artists soon loosen up and enjoy themselves as the alcohol flows and the inspiration begins.

Certainly, Tarasuk isn’t the first to come up with this idea.   Booze-inspired art is also offered at Paint Along in the Flatiron District; they’ll also available at 64 Painting With a Twist locations; the Williamsburg art education center 3rd Ward even has a Drink N’ Draw night that includes beer and live models.

Now, those in Brooklyn can get into the act with Kevin Tarasuk’s studio.   As Tarasuk explained,

“Art is something people always think they’re terrible at. They are much better than they think. They just need some guidance on how an art project goes – and a little bit of wine helps.”


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