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Buzzfeed’s Tasty Reviews Hotbox by Wiz

We wrote not long ago about the new HotBox by Wiz food delivery business, and we offered our review. But now, you don’t just have to take our word for it. Tasty, from Buzzfeed, has produced a new video where four people order the same foods from Hotbox by Wiz and give you their honest review. It’s a fun video to watch and has some great, candid moments.

They start off with their review on Tasty with the Buffalo Mac Bites. Between the first two reviewers they say, “Wiz is categorizing this as small hits, big hits and healthy hits. We are going to start with the small hits.” Then they bite into the Buffalo Mac Bites. The immediate reaction includes, “She doesn’t taste bad at all. I was not expecting this to be this good. I mean can you really go wrong with fried mac and cheese? 10 out of ten. We recommend. Yum.”

Later in the video, they try out the Mile High Dessert Brownie. One of the tasters, as he bites into that brownie for Tasty and gives his review says, “I don’t even really like brownies, but that’s pretty good. I’m going to give this brownie the highest mark. A regular guy 8 and a high guy 27.”

Check out the entire video and enjoy those HotBox by Wiz deliveries when you get a chance!


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