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Brooklyn Bedtimes Latest in Country

Each state county has its own average bed time
Each state county has its own average bed time

In a study conducted by the Bluetooth company Jawbone, and translated into two visual maps by Dr.Brian Wilt of San Francisco, it was shown that Brooklyn residents go to sleep later than any other county in the United States.

Over one million people contributed to the study by wearing Jawbone’s fitness tracker app known as Up. People all over the country, from Maine to Hawaii, took part. The results were analyzed and transformed into maps dividing the country into individual counties for comparison.

The study showed that residents of every major US city do not get the recommended seven hours of sleep each night, and New York City is the leader in sleep depravity. The king of lack of sleep is Kings County, also known as Brooklyn, where the average person does not get into his pjs until 12:07am. Next is Manhattan, whose bedtime of 11:55pm is not at all surprising. The Queens witching hour is 11:52; the Bronx is 11:47, and Staten Island’s is a very close fifth with a retiring hour of 11:46pm. Compare those bedtimes with counties in Hawaii and Arizona where the people there hit the sack at 10:45pm getting at least a full hour more of sleep each night.

This study just proves the truth of the saying that New York is the city that (almost) never sleeps. Good night.


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