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Bronx Zoo Welcomes Six Cubs

The Bronx Zoo recently welcomed six new additions to Tiger Mountain- three Amur and three Malayan tiger cubs. The Malayan cubs are the zoo’s first litter of their kind, while the Amur cubs are the first to be born at the zoo in over thirteen years. Zoo visitors have the unique opportunity to compare the two types of tigers side by side. The difference in size and color are very apparent.

There are currently less than 3,200 surviving in the wild. The birth of the tiger cubs at the zoo demonstrates one of the more successful attempts to increase the world’s tiger population.

“The opportunity to watch these majestic creatures mature from playful cubs to awe-inspiring adults is an experience every New Yorker will enjoy” said Jim Breheny, director of the Bronx Zoo and WCS’s senior vice president of living institutions. “The new exhibit configuration will make it easier for our guests to learn about both sub-species of tigers and how important it is to protect them in the wild.”


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