Blake Eskin Starting Petition to Bring Chinese Food to Prospect Heights

Help Eskin Realize His Dream:Fine Chinese Dining in Prospect Heights

There are a lot of causes out there worth fighting for, and there is certainly no shortage of on-line petitions for or against many valuable ideas and policies. But let’s get real for a minute; most of these issues are really someone else’s problems, and don’t usually have all that much to do with how your life is lived every day, right?

Well here’s an on-line petition that most people can get truly excited about: Prospect Heights deserves better Chinese food! Hard to argue with that one. So if you agree, like I believe most people do, then join former web editor for the New Yorker magazine Blake Eskin, the creator of said on-line petition, and demand that a few, or at least one, good Chinese restaurant locate to Prospect Heights.

Eskin explained on his blog how he came to feel so passionate about getting good Chinese food in his community. (Eskin does not just want Chinese food; apparently there are already a few places that serve chicken wings. The Chinese food has to be good.) In 2003, Eskin explains, he moved to Eastern Parkway, where “Tom’s” was basically the best restaurant around, but whose service was actually better than the food. Other restaurants opened through the years, but the Chinese at Colala, which has a Yelp rating of only 2 and a half stars, just doesn’t do it for him. In other words, poor Eskin has been suffering for the better part of 9 years without really good Chinese food right down the street. OMG!

I encourage whoever believes it is everyone’s right to a great Chinese restaurant in their community to sign Eskin’s petition. Perhaps we can start a global movement to get Chinese restaurants in all sorts of places around the world, like in some countries where there is barely enough food to go around?  Thank goodness China seems to be doing OK these days food-wise. Maybe they would like to send to some poor souls in Prospect Heights a few good Chinese restaurants. Umm, the possibilities here could be endless. How about restaurant exchange programs: we send a Starbucks to China, and they send a restaurant to Prospect Heights. There is no telling where this could go. Personally, I won’t be able to sleep at night until I know that Eskin has a good Chinese restaurant right down the street. Will you?


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