New York

Be Proud of Police & the Be Proud Foundation

Good for them. Sometimes, people really get together to take action and to bridge the gaps in the community. And these actions can go a long way in keeping our children safer, our streets safer and our neighborhoods blossoming.

Case in point – The Be Proud Foundation. Working together with the Brighton Beach Business Improvement District (BIG), they help a “Community Awareness Meeting” on May 24th in the evening at Tzar Restaurant.

The event included NYPD officers from 1 Police Plaza; from the 60th, 61st, 62nd and 70th Police Precincts; from the NYPD Community Affairs Bureau Immigrant Outreach Unit and from the NYPD Crime Prevention and Community Affairs program.

Their goal was to meet with community members, to answer questions, and to educate the public about bullying, cell one safety and other topics. In the video below, they discuss bullying and its impact on children in the community.

The president and founder of the Be Proud Foundation, Raisa Chernina, explained their goal. “It is very important that every resident of our area have a close contact and mutual trust with police representatives. I also believe that our first ever Community Meeting will lead to building an effective communication bridge between community and NYPD.”


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