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Atheists Post Billboards to Spread Their Religion

American Atheist Ad Campaign

In what is clearly a disingenuous move to alert their fellow citizens to the truth, a sure-to-be explosive ad campaign kicks off today telling passers-by that “You know it’s a myth… and you have a choice,” referring to belief in God.

Accompanying that anything-but innocuous slogan is the name of God written in Hebrew, with a translation of the profound English words into Hebrew below in smaller letters. Most of the signs are directed at the Jewish population of Brooklyn, but in the spirit of fairness and democracy there is also an Islamic version which is going to hit the streets of Paterson, New Jersey, in order to accost the maximum number of Muslims with the minimum number of signs. So far as we know, no Christian version has been discussed.

An organization called “American Atheists” are footing the bill for the ads, saying that they are targeting “closet atheists” in the Jewish and Muslim communities. They claim that these hidden atheists may be suffering under the coercive communities in which they live, and the ads are there to support them and assure them that they are not alone.

The atheists also claim that ads are not meant to make anyone angry, and that their membership has a right to advertise. They also say that there are plans for more billboards in more communities.

I always thought that being an atheist was a personal decision which, in a free and democratic country which tenaciously separates the state from the church (or any form of organized religion) atheists can reach to the highest levels of government and personal success and satisfaction without fear of persecution or discrimination. Silly me. It seems not only do atheists need to organize for their rights, but they have to proselytize, too. It can be said then that atheism, int the end, is indeed just one more religion; the religion of nothing. It seems a real shame,  therefore, that they feel a need to make so many people so angry, over nothing.


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