Taylor Swift Hits New Jersey

For fans who were worried that they wouldn’t get to see Taylor Swift in concert in New Jersey, rest assured that she is back on her game.   After canceling a concert for the first time ever in her career on Saturday, Taylor Swift bounced back and played a terrific concert at Prudential Arena in New Jersey yesterday.

Tweeting About Sickness

Taylor tweeted before her Saturday concert that “This is my first time having to do this. I’m so, so sorry.” The concert would have taken place at the Yum Center in Louisville, but she had to cancel under doctor’s orders for an illness.

There were no signs of illness, however, in New Jersey as she belted out song after song and talked about girlish love.   She opened with “Sparks Fly” and then sang “Better Than Revenge” “Story of Us” and “The End.”

A Show to Remember

The fiery 21 year old star has filled her four shows at the Prudential Arena, with each show holding 13,000 seats.   She’ll be there through Friday. The stage has been decorated with a balcony that looks like something from “Gone with the Wind” and she has a line of dancers and more costume changes than most people have clothes.   During the concert, she also plays a slew of instruments including guitar, piano, ukulele and banjo.

Taylor Swift is at her best for this show — so grab a last minute ticket and enjoy if you’re able to!




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