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New “A Parent’s Guide to College” from Urban League

If you haven’t yet seen the Urban League’s new “A Parent’s Guide to College” you probably will soon. That’s because the Urban League has plans to, as they say, “blanket the city” with their 200,000 free copies of their new guide. They will distribute them at public schools, NYCHA housing developments and at special events for parents and students in the upcoming days.

Invaluable Resource

As the CUNY Chancellor Matthew Goldstein said,

“It will be an invaluable resource.”

Joined by Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott, Daily News Chairman and Publisher Mortimer B. Zuckerman and others, Matthew Goldstein was joined by others as well in preparing the guide.

The main emphasis of the guide is the help parents who did not attend college themselves to get their children ready to do so. Arva Rice, the President and CEO of the New York Urban League, said that more than 30% of college freshman are actually the first in their families to go to college.

New Release of the Guide

The guide was released yesterday at the CUNY Graduate Center and includes all sorts of invaluable tips about financial aid, scholarships, finding the right school and more. Zuckerman, emphasizing the important of a college education, especially in difficult economic times, said, that such an advantage “is so great that it’s simply something that should not be in any way, and on any day, forgotten.”


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