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Mutts Make Merry at Brooklyn Dog Show

Winner of the Sloppiest Kisser Award

Are you the kind of person that hates snooty, pure bread dogs, especially the prize-winning, upper-crust champions? If so, you might rather enjoy “The Mutt Show” which took place for the first time in the Brooklyn Lyceum this past March.

The show was a less traditional dog show but at least as much fun, if not more. Dogs could enter in a variety of doggie categories such as “Sloppiest Kisser”, “Best Lap Dog Over 70 Pounds, or “Most Nutritionally Advantaged.”

The Mutt Show was organized as a way for dog-lovers with dogs of indistinct lineage to have some fun and enjoy their dogs, while at the same time raising some money for the Brooklyn Animal Rescue Coalition.

The winner was a female, curly-haired cutie named Julie, who has been with her owner, Hannah Bailey, aged 22, since they met in Indiana where Hannah adopted Julie so she wouldn’t be “put-down.”

Since then they have lived together in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York City, and shared their road trips with as much gusto as Bob Hope and Bing Crosby.

When asked what kind of dog Ms. Bailey believe she owns, Hannah replied,

“It’s crazy how many people try to tell me what she is. I’ve heard every breed in the book,” Bailey said. “But who knows, right Julie? To me, you’re just cute.”


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