Senator Golden Votes to Require Drunk Drivers to Take Driving Safety Course

State Senator Martin Golden

In a move which should help add a large measure of safety to our roads, the New York State Senate voted to approve a bill that will require some drivers who are convicted of drunk driving to take a course in car accident prevention.

State Senator Martin J. Golden, Republican senator representing District 22 in south Brooklyn, was on hand to vote for what will most certainly prove to be life-saving legislation.

The bill stipulates that drivers who are convicted of a drunk driving violation must participate in a driving accident prevention course if they were convicted of drunk driving before. Those who refuse to take a chemical test, or have more than six points on their license will also have to take the course.

“Programs for drunk driver rehabilitation have proven very effective in reducing the number of instances of drunk driving. This added component to the DWI or DUID penalty will help to educate and to deter our most dangerous traffic violators from repeating their crimes. I urge the State Assembly to pass this bill for it will help to improve the safety of the roadways of New York and the lives of all motorists and pedestrians” said Senator Golden.

The legislation also stipulates that whoever takes the motor vehicle accident prevention course as a condition of sentencing will not be allowed to use the course to reduce the number of points on their license. In order to get a point reduction the offender will have to take the course again.

The bill went to the State Assembly where it will most likely be passed into law.


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