New York

Jedi Master Searches for Stolen Light Saber in New York

Nerd hobbies can be expensive, and even more so when your custom-made collectibles go missing.

Bed-Stuy engineer and New York Jedi Academy founder Flynn Michael is currently searching the galaxy of New York for his stolen light saber.  

The New York Jedi Academy is a school for Jedi apprentices, where they can learn how to use their light sabers in flashy, martial-arts-inspired duels. Michael had a $400 light saber custom-made last year, only to have it stolen at Project Parlor sometime before 2 a.m.

The Brooklyn Paper reported the robbery back in September, quoting Jedi Master Michael as saying: “Who steals somebody’s light saber? I finally got my uber custom saber, and then some jerk walks out with it. I guess that’s the joke- some Jedi I turned out to be.”

Michael claims that he caught the thief on a bar security camera, and even came face to face with the man a few months later. The suspected Sith denied allegations, however, and Michael is convinced the police will be little help in the saber recovery mission.

“I’m waiting for his conscience to get him,” Michael said. “We’re teaching people how to be heroes, and I need it back.”

Flyers have been posted throughout the district, calling on the public to battle the Dark Side and give Michael a new hope by keeping an eye out for the phantom menace and his missing saber.


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