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Harold Ford Jr says Super Tuesday results reset message in presidential race

Former Congressman and chairman of Rx Saver, Harold Ford Jr says Joe Biden’s Super Tuesday success reshapes the Democratic campaign in the 2020 presidential elections.

“The shift in this race is good for Democrats up and down the ballot across the country because the leader in the presidential primary delegate count is now an avowed capitalist who believes that we can address challenges facing middle class families by promoting policies that create better paying jobs and making health care, education and housing more affordable,” said Ford Jr. “The conversation has broadened from spend, spend, spend without accountability for results to now finding ways to make capitalism work for every American. Earning, working and owning are indispensable characteristics of the American experience. Unfortunately, too many Americans aren’t enjoying the chance to live the full American experience. Democrats can only win in the fall if we lay out a plan to achieve growth for all Americans. Joe Biden’s ascendancy must now be fused with a bold and compelling vision that urges a reconstituted capitalism that lifts every American household, not just the ones at the top,” said Ford Jr. “I believe Senator Sanders is serious – and frankly right – when he diagnoses the problems confronting middle class families across our country, especially as it relates to income inequality But I don’t believe his answers and solutions are serious because they are unaffordable, won’t pass Congress and even if they did I don’t believe they would lift middle class families to higher and better places.

“We now basically have a 2 person – or a 2 idea – race. This is good for Democrats and the country. Democrats now have a chance to pick the policy path they want to pursue before or at our summer convention. I hope we settle it before the convention. We will then give voters in the fall a choice between our vision and the one Trump has put forward for the last 4 years. And, in the balance, hangs the future of a lot of things – the Supreme Court, the rule of law, the integrity and efficacy of health, tax, education and environmental justice policy and how we as a nation are positioned to compete, lead and win in a complicated and competitive world. That’s what is at stake this election,” said Ford Jr.

Harold Ford Jr. served in Congress for 10 years from 1997-2007 representing Tennessee’s 9th congressional district. Known as a moderate Democrat wiling to reach across the political aisle to find common ground, Ford Jr was also a member of both the the Blue Dog coalition and Congressional Black Caucus.


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