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Daniel Straus, NYU Alum, Raises $1 Million for CareOne Employees

When Hurricane Sandy hit the east coast, CareOne CEO Daniel Straus rallied to support its victims. After an initial survey to determine the storm’s impact on the center, its patients and its staff, Straus discovered that although the business was fine, more than 100 team members had suffered major losses, including their homes and other property.

“People who have been here for years, even longer, were now homeless” he said. “Knowing that they were hurt was the deepest pain for us; we had to do something.”

Straus’s daughter Elizabeth launched an effort to raise more than $1 million to give back to the company’s staff. The Straus family and their friends held several fundraising events, including a casino night.

Governor Christie wrote a letter of appreciation to Daniel Straus for his dedication to his employees. The letter read as follows:

Dear Mr. Straus,

I want to extend my utmost appreciation for the assistance that you and CareOne have given to your employees who were affected by Hurricane Sandy.

I understand that more than one million dollars have been raised through the CareOne Disaster Relief Fund to benefit individuals who suffered great losses as a result of the storm. I commend you and the employees of your company for your amazing work in raising funds for others during their time of need. I am confident that the money raised will be deeply appreciated by those receiving financial assistance. It is heartening to know that the same compassion CareOne has for its patients is extended to its employees as well.

Your efforts epitomize the meaning of responsible and effective leadership. As New Jersey rebuilds after the effects of Hurricane Sandy, the fundraising initiative that you spearheaded should serve as a model to other business leaders throughout the state. Thanks to your company’s generosity, we are restoring normalcy to the lives of our residents.


Chris Christie, Governor

CareOne’s employees were granted a total of $1 million. Straus said: “We would not be the healthcare facility that we are today if it were not for the men and women who devote their lives and careers to caring for our patients and minding our business. To not help them would have been devastating.”

Elizabeth added: “The idea was to make sure that everyone who suffered a loss received something, we had to be fair and responsible, but also decent and caring.”


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