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Bespoke: Pedaling Perfection in Bicycle Design

Looking for something a little bit “off the beaten track” as far as exhibits are concerned? Well how about something at the Museum of Arts and Design (formerly the American Craft Museum?)

Mosey on down to number 2 Columbus Circle and explore the world of bicycle design in “Bespoke: The Handbuilt Bicycle.” On display you will see designs from six internationally acclaimed bicycle builders; Mike Flanigan, Alternative Needs Transportation (A.N.T); Jeff Jones, Jeff Jones Custom Bicycles; Dario Pegoretti, Pegoretti Cicli; Richard Sachs, Richard Sachs Cycles; J. Peter Weigle, J. Peter Weigle Cycles; and Sacha White, Vanilla Bicycles. On display are twenty-one handbuilt bicycles whose construction accurately illustrates the refined, intricate and profoundly individual craft. These bicycles ably act as a fulcrum for the intersection of art, craft, and design, in contemporary designs.

Designing bicycles is a challenging craft, notwithstanding the fact that their form is deceptively simple. There are three contact points where machine meets man; seat, pedals and handlebars. Building custom bikes can require a fitting of up to two hours just taking the rider’s measurements. This exhibit clearly shows the highly refined object of engineering excellence that each handbuilt bicycle is.

“Bespoke” began on May 13, 2010 and will continue through August 15, 2010.


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