Yonkers Students Achieving Great Results at CSEE

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Charter School for Educational Excellence Getting Results

The Charter School of Educational Excellence in Yonkers believes that all children can learn. With this belief at the forefront of the school’s philosophy they have achieved exceptional results. According to data released last summer by the New York State Department of Education, 82 percent of students at CSEE passed the state’s standardized math exam, while 78 percent of students achieved success on the state English Language Arts (ELA) test. The students were found to have passed with flying colors as well; the students at CSEE had scores averaging 30 percentage points higher than the average in Yonkers in both exams.

“CSEE students, teachers and staff worked tirelessly all year, and these outstanding test scores are the result” said Catalina Castillo, Principal of CSEE. “I couldn’t be prouder of our students and faculty.”

The dedicated staff, administration and teachers, in collaboration with Victory Education Partners were able to achieve these remarkable results. Not only did the students’ test scores surpass those of their own district, but they proved to have achieved better results than New York State as a whole.

  • On ELA exams in 2012 the students at CSEE surpassed their fellow New Yorkers’ scores by 21 percentage points and by 30 percent in the Yonkers school district.
  • On New York State’s Math tests in 2012 CSEE students outperformed New York as a whole by 17 percentage points, and 36 points in Yonkers.
  • Sixth-graders at CSEE did especially well with 92.5 percent passing the math test and 94.3 percent passing the ELA exam.

“In all testing grades, 3-through-8, CSEE students got the job done” said Victory Schools’ Managing Director of Academics, Mary Cordero. “As a mission-driven organization, it is always a proud moment for Victory Education Partners when we see our partner school achieve such success. We congratulate the students, teachers and staff on their enormous accomplishments.”


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