Victory for New 100 Legacy Charter School in Newark

The 100 Legacy Academy Charter School in New Jersey recently opened its doors to new applicants. One of the only four to receive charter approval in Newark this season, the middle school is working alongside 100 Black Men of New Jersey as well as Victory Education Partners, an educational services, management and advisory firm previously known as Victory Schools.

The school’s ideals are represented in its name, an acronym for:

Leadership development,



Academic achievement,

Character development and

Youth empowerment.

100 Legacy prides itself on its unique curriculum and atmosphere. It focuses on science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), while helping students prepare for college application and education. It also has an impressive student mentoring program.

School board president Michael R. Clarke explains: “Our goal is simple and straightforward, but it couldn’t be more crucial- to educate, encourage and mentor our students, thereby preparing them for college and career. Our school leader and dedicated teaching staff will work tirelessly to ensure that these young men and women of Newark and Irvington have the best chance of becoming successful individuals.”

“Newark is in the midst of a historic reform of its school system, and the development of high quality charter schools is a crucial element of this turnaround” said Victory Education Partners’ Director of School Development and Partnerships Aquila Haynes. “We are confident that this partnership between the school’s Board and 100 Black Men of New Jersey will result in a tremendous education for hundreds of young people in Newark and Irvington through 100 LEGACY Academy Charter School.”


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