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Get Your GoogaMooga On

The Great GoogaMooga

You might not be able to pronounce the festival name – but you’ll be sure to have an awesome time at it.  Superfly has arranged to bring an adult amusement park to Prospect Park this May.  Before you assume that this sounds a bit risqué – all it really means is that the location will include beer, wine and other “adult” fun.  Called The Great GoogaMooga, the festival will take place on May 19th and 20th and will include 75 food vendors, 35 brewers, 30 winemakers and 20 music performances.

Heavy hitters involved in the festival creation include: Anthony Bourdain, David Rockwell, Tom Colicchio, Garrett Oliver, Paul Grieco and Eddie Huang.  It’s a line-up not to be taken lightly.

As Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz gushed,

"Brooklyn is the creative capital of New York City and an international culinary destination, and I can't think of a better place than our beautiful Prospect Park to host the inaugural Great GoogaMooga."

The creators of GoogaMooga tend to agree.  As those in charge explained,

“After a quick look around, there was no question but to hold The Great GoogaMooga in New York, amid Brooklyn’s swagger, enthusiasm, and adventurousness and of course, in beautiful Prospect Park. Already America’s food capital, New York is experiencing a culinary revolution that is transforming a whole generation into food enthusiasts.”

The admission tickets will begin sales quite early – as of March 15th.  The general admission appears to be free, but tasting food and drink will vary in price from $6 to $12. For those who want a bit of VIP enjoyment, they can purchase the Extra Mooga ticket (these names are something else!) for $249.50 and have all-inclusive fun with the food, beer, wine, cocktails and VIP entrances to shows.

On their adorably designed website, The Great GoogaMooga explains that,

“We envision a place where the best chefs and purveyors can serve their food and bring about instant elation. Where everyday food lovers can discover and share amazing new tastes, and where the right slice of pizza can be as treasured/praiseworthy as four-star fois-gras. And with such an inclusive feel that it will appeal to everyone who eats.”

Sounds a bit lofty – but it’s certainly guaranteed to be a lot of fun and an experience for the senses.


James Allenby is the editor of Gowanus Lounge, bringing to his position a vast background on New York, and especially Brooklyn history, culture and lifestyle. Born and bred in the heart of "the County of Kings" James Allenby knows what it means to be a Brooklynite, and imparts this meaning at all times to his readers. Contact James at info(at)