SVP Gigante Addresses 34th Annual USHCC Convention

Doral Bank
SVP Gigante of Doral Bank Addressed 34th Annual USHCC Convention

For the 34th year the country’s Hispanic business community recognized the contribution made by this large minority to the economic well-being of the United States at their annual convention. Coming together last month at the Chicago Hilton, the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (USHCC) celebrated diversity, unity and good works among North American Hispanics in the world of business and finance.

One of many highlights at the convention, which took place from September 15th to 17th, was the address delivered by Lucienne Gigante, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Public Relations and Community at Doral Bank.

“At Doral, we take great pride in being a leading community bank. To us, that means making a difference in the lives of our clients and community. Our strategy is simple–substitute advertising dollars for Corporate Social Responsibility dollars. We believe in creating long-term community programs that empower, educate and provide opportunity. We also believe that driving women’s economic development has a multiplier effect on the economy and is a solution out of fiscal problems,” Ms. Gigante said during the premier luncheon.

Ms. Gigante stated in her presentation the contribution of CEO Glen Wakeman of Doral Financial Corporation, of which Doral Bank is a wholly owned subsidiary. She emphasized that Wakeman, along with the entire executive leadership at Doral, was instrumental in helping to create the exciting business and community programs sponsored by Doral Bank and now being implemented throughout Puerto Rico.

Gigante ended her remarks by telling the story of two entrepreneurial women helped by Doral Bank to start and grow their own businesses. Marisol Santiago went from being a single mother of two children holding down three jobs, to the owner of an infusion center. Alessandra Correa is the owner of a hand-made, high-quality hot sauce manufacturer in Puerto Rico which, with the assistance of Doral Bank, will be able to begin exporting her product to Florida’s Whole Foods chain.

“Marisol and Alessandra are a testament to the power that Hispanic women can have on their local economies when properly supported by financial institutions. There are millions of bold and ambitions Hispanic women just like Marisol and Alessandra. Providing them with the tools and encouragement to succeed will substantially drive economic development, and truly change the lives of many women and their respective communities” concluded Ms. Gigante.

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