Clive Holmes’ Silverfern Acquires Waste Services Group

The Silverfern Group where Clive Holmes is a co-managing partner,  and The Riverside Company joined forces and purchased Waste Services Group earlier this year.

Serving the commercial and industrial sectors in Australia, Waste Services Group offers a large variety of waste collection options for this market. The company uses front-lift garbage trucks to collect waste. They also offer national broker and account management services for both commercial as well as industrial customers. Waste Services Group provides solutions for complex waste collection requirements as well as customers with multi-site collection points.

Clive Holmes is a co-managing partner of The Silverfern Group. Holmes explained how his company’s investment in Waste Services Group demonstrates how Silverfern can effectively become a local investor with a global reach.

“Our investment in Waste Services Group further demonstrates that by partnering with lead investors and management with deep industry insight and local knowledge, Silverfern can effectively become a local investor, globally. We look forward to contributing to continuing and accelerating Waste Services Group’s growth in the fragmented Australian waste management industry,” Clive Holmes said.


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