Shimmie Horn Hotel Belleclaire Calling on New Yorkers to Help Aid in Hurricane Relief

Shimmie Horn and Hurricaine Sandy
Shimmie Horn stands behind the Mayor’s Fund to Advance New York City

In the aftermath of the destruction wreaked by Hurricane Sandy at the end of October, many New York City Hotels including Shimmie Horn’s Hotel Belleclaire, have joined forces to help raise awareness about the destruction and the needs of many individuals and businesses suffering in the days after the storm.

As stated on their web-site,

“[Hotel Belleclaire] proudly calls New York City its home, and is equally proud to be part of New York State and to share its borders with New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and others affected by the storm. Our hearts break for those who cannot replace what has been lost, but we know with certainty that our people are resilient. Our thoughts are with the community, and we tip our hats to those joining in the relief efforts–among them our friends, our employees, our guests, our neighbors. Thank you.”

Those wishing to help are called upon to send donations to the American Red Cross and the Mayor’s Fund to Advance New York City. Contributions will go directly to providing clean water, food and essential supplies needed now in addition to paving the way for long-term relief and repair of damage.


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