Phoenix Ancient Art Exhibiting at Antique Dealers Show

Phoenix Ancient ArtIt’s October again and that means it’s the time of year to discover the beauty and diversity of antiques and fine arts at the International Fine Art and Antique Dealers Show. This well attended show was established in 1989 and is hosted each year in the Park Avenue Armory at Park Avenue and 67th Street. The bustling fair draws large, enthusiastic crowds clamoring to see and buy some of the world’s most unusual and exquisite objects.

Among the dealers presenting their wares are some of the world’s most renowned, such as Phoenix Ancient Art, a dealer who has branch galleries in Geneva as well as right here in New York. The proprietors at Phoenix, the brothers Hicham and Ali Aboutaam will gladly take you back in time as they present to you some of the most beautiful works of art from the ancient world. Among them this year is a palm-sized ivory dish which was carved into the shape of a trussed duck. The Egyptian craftsman worked his delicate art about 3,400 years ago, an astounding fact. Even more remarkable is that you or anyone else attending this fine arts fair can own this piece of art. A reminder, as the Aboutaams might say, of the ancient roots of today’s civilization and culture.

Take some time out from your busy life and wander into the great halls of the armory and experience the great meeting of some of the world’s finest arts and antiques. Maybe you’ll even bring something home to enjoy and admire. The fair runs from October 22-28, 11am-7:30pm. Sunday and the last day open until 6pm. Admission is $20. For more information call 212-642-8572.


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