New York Radiology Developments

Finding more efficient, less invasive cancer diagnostic methods with greater accuracy is crucial both for patient care and for financing the US health system.  Work is being done in a variety of hospitals and laboratories around New York in this field and some serious developments are being undertaken.

One example of was initiated by molecular imaging radiologist specialist Hedvig Hricak.  As Chair of the Department of Radiology at New York’s Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Dr. Hricak recently presented on ‘Radiomics in Oncology.’  One of the goals of the Hedvig Hricak Lab is to advance the knowledge of tumor diagnostics.

Another example of developments in New York’s radiology scene is occurring on Park Avenue.  Wellspring Capital Management LLC has just acquired the Center for Diagnostic Imaging.  One of the Managing Partners from Wellspring, Alex Carles spoke about how this will enable Wellspring to continue along its road of providing top healthcare for its patients. It is hoped that the center will be able to get to the next level as it partners with Rick Long’s CDI management team. 

As well as being far better for the patient, there are clear financial benefits in early cancer detection. The types of research being undertaken by the Hedvig Hricak Lab and the Center for Diagnostic Imaging are playing a crucial role in the area of New York healthcare finances.


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