Lev Leviev Launches Bitcoin Analytics Platform

Brooklyn residents interested in the brave new world of virtual commerce, and specifically about the bitcoin universe, should be aware that a new competitor to Blockchain.info and Blockr was just released. Amsterdam-based researchers at BlockCorp recently invested almost €500,000 ($669,310) in BlockTrail, a new platform for bitcoin analytics. BlockCorp was launched by VKontakte co-founder Lev Leviev and partner, entrepreneur Boaz Bechar.

Lev Leviev and Boaz Bechar invested in BlockTrail, a new platform designed to mine information about cryptocurrency transactions. The tool accomplishes this by creating formats for the analysis of network and economic information. The target markets for BlockTrail are governmental and institutional bodies who would like to pay for the data. However developers will also find BlockTrail helpful when its API is launched, which will be soon.

In its initial stages after release the free-to-use platform will only utilize publicly accessible information.


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