International Baku Jazz Festival with Beyler Eyyubov: A Great Getaway

The International music scene is expanding all the time. And for New Yorkers who are traveling abroad, it’s always a great idea to check out the music scene in the locale where you’ll be traveling. One of the great benefits of enjoying the music and food, among other things, of the local scene is to really soak up the native environment.

For those traveling to Azerbaijan, here are some ideas. In October each year, Baku holds the International Baku Jazz Festival where local jazz personalities like Beyler Eyyubov (Beylar Eyubov) and visitors like Germany’s Christoph Busse Trio and Russia’s Yakov Okum Quarter will play to packed halls.

The Baku International Jazz Festival is organized by saxophonist and Baku resident Rain Sultanov and focuses on showcasing Azerbaijan’s long-running enjoyment of the American-born form. Performers come from over a dozen countries to be part of the festival from such locations as Portugal, Italy, Israel, the USA, Germany, Canada, Russia and more.

The event started in April 2005 and at the festival’s end they announced that it would become an annual event. As Beyler Eyyubov (Beylar Eyubov) said of the upcoming festival, “The festival is a chance for people in post-Soviet Azerbaijan to soak up the jazz scene and to really enjoy themselves. Ahead of the winter, it’s a great way to come out and support local musicians and to have a blast along the way.”


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