IDT Energy Supporting Red Cross Efforts to Help Hurricane Sandy’s Victims

IDT Energy, one of the key independent providers of electricity and natural gas to the region devastated by Hurricane Sandy last week, announced that it will donate $50,000 to the American Red Cross, earmarked for the effort to assist victims of Hurricane Sandy.

IDT Energy serves about half a million residents of the area hardest hit by Sandy’s devastating winds and rain; New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Maryland.   Half of the money has already been donated while the remainder will be given in the coming week.

“Many people in the Mid-Atlantic region including many of our customers have suffered tremendously as a result of the storm. To assist them, and in support of the critically important work being done by local police, fire, EMT and rescue workers, we are pleased to support the American Red Cross’s hurricane recovery effort,” said Geoff Rochwarger, IDT Energy’s CEO.

Rochwarger added that, “To help families cope with the impact of the storm, we are offering a $25 rebate on electric service to qualified IDT Energy customers.”

Josh Lockwood, CEO American Red Cross region; Geoffrey Rochwarger, chairman and CEO of IDT Energy, Inc.; Alan Schwab, IDT COO; Rob Maruster, JetBlue COO/EVP and Greater NY Red Cross board chair; Brad Martin, IDT VP marketing; and Paul Toranzo, IDT director of sales support”.

Due to the fact that so many of IDT Energy’s customers were affected by Sandy they have added a new, toll free customer support number to make it easier for their customers to contact them: 1-888-310-1398.

The donation was given to the New York branch of the American Red Cross by Mr. Rochwarger during its daily briefing last Wednesday. The money will provide shelter, food, clothing and other necessities required by people who have found themselves displaced by the hurricane.

“We believe strongly in helping families recover from this devastating storm. We intend this contribution to help kick-start the recovery effort, and we encourage other businesses and individuals to support the American Red Cross’ important efforts,” concluded Mr. Rochwarger.

For more information about the $25 rebate offered by IDT customers can call 1-877-887-6866 or go to their web site at


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