Gowanus Girls Coming This Fall

Be on the lookout this fall for Gowanus Girls, an all-female food and craft market that is coming to the area. The pop-up market will be coming to the area, first, for two Saturdays in October at Gowanus Grove. This is located on the banks of the Gowanus Canal at Carroll and Bond streets. Organized by Samantha Razook Murphy and Melisa Coburn, they’ve been intimately involved with Curious Jane.

Curious Jane, created by Samantha Razook Murphy, is a program that has summer camps, after-school programs and field trips just for girls in six cities around the country. Both moms were looking to extend their brand, helping girls to develop their self-esteem, when they came up with the idea of a market where women could display their fashions, foods and more.

Coburn explained why they selected Gowanus for their newest project. As she said,

“There’s so much fabulousness and creativity happening in Brooklyn right now. To focus on all-female designers and food, it’s something that makes sense for Curious Jane families and for our audience, but it’s also something that will draw people to the neighborhood and allow them to see the creative energy that’s here right now.”

Gowanus Girls plans to sell all-new products which include independent designers, stationery, handbags, textiles and more. Look for them at the Gowanus Grove on October 13 and 27 from noon to sunset, and enjoy the Gowanus Open Studios at the same time.

Vendors can apply for a spot with the Gowanus Girls.


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