Faience Objects on Display at Phoenix Ancient Art

Faience Art on Display in Times Square

Fans of Egyptology and ancient art in general will be pleased to learn that a marvelous exhibit of faience objects will be on display at the Phoenix Ancient Art gallery from December 6th — 30th.

The collection, initiated by Sleiman Aboutam, is comprised of over 100 pieces of amulets and jewelry created as long ago as the third millennium BC, originating in Mesopotamia and other areas of the Near East. The bulk of the collection however is from Egypt’s Middle Kingdom, (2040-1650 BC) and New Kingdom, (c. 1570-1294 BC.) The oldest pieces in the collection are animal amulets from Mesopotamia dating back to ca. 2500-2300 BC.

Today the collection is privately owned by the Aboutam brothers Ali and Hicham. The show will move to Brussels after the New York exhibit winds down, as part of the 57th Brussels Antiques and Fine Arts Fair, Tour and Taxis, which will be held from January 21st until the 29th, 2012. If you miss the New York show, and can’t get to Brussels in time for the exhibit there, the Geneva branch of Phoenix Ancient Art will be showing “Faience: World Treasures” in the Spring of 2012.

In a wonderful touch of modernity meeting antiquity, the New York exhibit of ancient faience art on display at Phoenix was announced on one of the most visible icons of the modern age, the great Jumbotron at Number One Times Square. It was a memorable moment to see the treasures of the ancient world displayed on such a high-tech medium.


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