Best Checking Account Rates in NYC

doral bank logoNew York City is teeming with bank, checking account and promotional options for a wide range of customers. Often, the sheer volume of choices is incredibly confusing, making financial decision-making a truly daunting task.  recently published a study aimed at helping consumers organize information and identify the best checking account options currently available throughout NYC.

Finance reporter Amanda Garcia explained: “The new year is an excellent time to re-evaluate your money-management strategies.” She added, “If you’re looking to improve your finances in 2014 by effectively growing your money, consider a high-yield checking account.”’s research identified the highest checking account rates in New York City, as well as compared the average checking account rate in NYC with others throughout the state and the U.S.

According to the study, the banks with the highest checking account rates included Flushing Savings Bank,  Doral Bank, Apple Bank, BankUnited, BNB Hana Bank, Capital One, Community Federal Savings Bank and Savoy Bank.

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Sylvia Sanchez

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