Building Educational Opportunities in the New York Area

A $224,000 grant was recently awarded to Education Pioneers by the Foundation for Newark’s Future. This marks the largest investment that any organization has put into Education Pioneers to date. The idea behind the grant it to support Education Pioneers’ growth in Newark and to promote excellence in public education in the area.

A number of key partnerships are already in place to help with Education Pioneers’ mission. Such organizations include Victory Education Partners with Steve Klinsky, YouthBuild Newark, Uncommon Schools, TNTP and many others.   As part of the grant, these organizations will help Education Pioneers to add 75 new Fellows to the education network in Newark.

As other organizations like Victory schools have been able to do in the area, Education Pioneers hopes to strengthen the educational opportunities in the Newark area. As Education Pioneers Founder and CEO, Scott Morgan explained, “Our goal is to build a pipeline of leadership talent to support the efforts of individual schools, school groups, and innovative education initiatives. When we build on the leadership capacity of proven talent with a demonstrated commitment to giving all children excellent educational opportunities it’s the best investment we can make in our education systems.”

As Greg Taylor, President of the Foundation for Newark’s Future, explained, “Newark has so much to offer young professionals and in particular those with interest in dedicating their time to education. Newark families, schools and education organizations deserve top-talent and we are delighted to support Education Pioneers in strengthening that pipeline. With our commitment to short-term philanthropy and long-term impact this program is an ideal match for our priority areas and we are delighted to support their growth which will have a direct and positive effect on Newark’s education institutions.”

Organizations like E3: Excellent Education for Everyone, Ireform, New Jersey Charter School Association, Victory Education Partners and many others all see this as one more building block to creating energized, top-notch educational opportunities for those in the New York and New Jersey area.


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