Walmart Buys Brooklyn Startup for $10 Million

Just because Walmart does not have a store of its own anywhere in New York City does not mean New Yorkers can’t get the Walmart goods to their doors, pronto.

Over the course of the past year Walmart has made five e-commerce purchases to insure its online customers that they can have same-day delivery of Walmart products. The latest purchase is of Brooklyn startup Parcel for almost $10 million.

Parcel was launched in 2013 by Jesse Kaplan. Since that time, it has created an extensive database including every building it has ever delivered to. The stored information includes photos and details about service and other entrances. The company operates 24/7, and sends its customers real-time tracking updates of their orders through test messaging.

Walmart, which seems to be taking aim at Amazon’s similar type of service, also purchased Jet, Bonobos, ModCloth and Moosejaw during the past year.



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