NY’s IDT Energy Joins RESA

Earlier this week, the Retail Energy Supply Association welcomed New York-based energy retailer IDT Energy as a member. Since its inception, IDT has become one of the largest independent energy suppliers in the United States, with customers in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Illinois. RESA President Melissa Lauderdale said: “RESA member companies are dedicated to providing value to natural gas and electric customers in competitive markets across the United States. We are pleased to welcome IDT Energy to our group of innovative and forward-thinking energy suppliers.” Geoff Rochwarger, CEO of IDT Energy, added: “IDT Energy is pleased to join RESA and its efforts to bring the benefits of competition to consumers who are still help captive by their local utility monopoly. In America, consumers should have the freedom to choose their energy supplier. Competitive markets bring more choice, lower rates and innovation that puts the customer...

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NY’s IDT Energy Enters Natural Gas Vehicle Industry

IDT Energy, one of the largest energy providers in the New York region, recently launched Evergreen Fleet Services as part of its plans to enter the Natural Gas Vehicle industry. The new program will work alongside Clean Vehicle Solutions, LLC to provide a toolkit for fleet owners, operators and managers to reduce operating costs and emissions for fleet owners. IDT CEO Geoffrey Rochwarger said: “I am excited to announce IDT Energy’s entry into the Natural Gas Vehicle industry. Evergreen Fleet Services, through our partnership with CVS, will leverage IDT Energy’s natural gas commodity expertise and in-market experience in the retail sector to help provide world class CNG-based solutions for fleet owners in the Northeast. We initially intend to take full advantage of IDT Energy’s regional base of operations, network for supply of the commodity and other relationships and infrastructure, and then gradually expand our geographic footprint and scope of offerings.” IDT’s Evergreen Fleet Services joins CVS, a full service, end-to-end CNG solutions provider with a range of services, including consulting, finance, production, maintenance and training. CEO of CVS Dean Sloane said: “The Evergreen Fleet Services partnership brings significant value to our business. IDT Energy’s natural gas commodity procurement and related industry expertise will help to further grow our business, bringing new customers and adding value to our offerings.” Rochwarger added “Natural gas provides powerful benefits compared to traditional liquid transportation fuels. Switching to natural gas can reduce fleet fuel costs by approximately 28% compared to diesel and 35% compared to unleaded gasoline at today’s prices, while significantly reducing greenhouse emissions. Evergreen Fleet Services will help fleet owners, operators and managers to capitalize on the extraordinary advantages of...

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3 Easy Tips for Cutting Your Summer Energy Bill

Apr 28, 13 3 Easy Tips for Cutting Your Summer Energy Bill

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As the summer approaches and our homes heat up, it’s time to start thinking about the summer energy bill. Many choose to just turn a blind eye to this issue and to pay as necessary to keep themselves comfortable. There are, however, some very easy ways to stay cool while also saving some money on the electricity bill. Whether you’re using a retail energy provider like  IDT Energy  or another company, these tips can certainly make a difference in your bottom line. Unplug that Device: Plugged-in electronics really do suck energy and cost you money. Today, with the home filled with flat screen TVs, DVR devices, IPODs, cell-phones and so many other small electronics, the problem is even greater than you might think. Safely plug in as many devices as you can into one power strip and then turn off that strip when you aren’t using them. If you don’t feel like you can get yourself to do this routinely, at least do so when you go away on vacation or are out of the house at work or at school. Re-evaluate Your Appliances: Sometimes, people keep old appliances around even when they have purchased new ones. You might, for instance, have purchased a great, energy efficient refrigerator recently and decided to put your old, energy—inefficient one in the basement or out in the garage. Do you really need this energy-draining refrigerator around? Similarly, do you have a really old microwave oven or air conditioner? Sometimes, while it may seem painful on your bank account today, buying new appliances that are vastly more energy efficient will save you so much more in the long run. Get Your Doors Weather-Stripped: Weather stripping is really quite cheap, but it can make a big   difference in your air conditioning bill. If your doors aren’t properly sealed, then the cool air seeps out of your room. These easy suggestions will help you to conserve energy and reduce your expenses without requiring a huge sacrifice on your...

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IDT Energy Supporting Red Cross Efforts to Help Hurricane Sandy’s Victims

Nov 04, 12 IDT Energy Supporting Red Cross Efforts to Help Hurricane Sandy’s Victims

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IDT Energy, one of the key independent providers of electricity and natural gas to the region devastated by Hurricane Sandy last week, announced that it will donate $50,000 to the American Red Cross, earmarked for the effort to assist victims of Hurricane Sandy. IDT Energy serves about half a million residents of the area hardest hit by Sandy’s devastating winds and rain; New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Maryland.   Half of the money has already been donated while the remainder will be given in the coming week. “Many people in the Mid-Atlantic region including many of our customers have suffered tremendously as a result of the storm. To assist them, and in support of the critically important work being done by local police, fire, EMT and rescue workers, we are pleased to support the American Red Cross’s hurricane recovery effort,” said Geoff Rochwarger, IDT Energy’s CEO. Rochwarger added that, “To help families cope with the impact of the storm, we are offering a $25 rebate on electric service to qualified IDT Energy customers.” Due to the fact that so many of IDT Energy’s customers were affected by Sandy they have added a new, toll free customer support number to make it easier for their customers to contact them: 1-888-310-1398. The donation was given to the New York branch of the American Red Cross by Mr. Rochwarger during its daily briefing last Wednesday. The money will provide shelter, food, clothing and other necessities required by people who have found themselves displaced by the hurricane. “We believe strongly in helping families recover from this devastating storm. We intend this contribution to help kick-start the recovery effort, and we encourage other businesses and individuals to support the American Red Cross’ important efforts,” concluded Mr. Rochwarger. For more information about the $25 rebate offered by IDT customers can call 1-877-887-6866 or go to their web site at...

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IDT Energy – Choose an ESCO with Green Energy!

(Got an email asking us to post this information – I hope it’s useful!) IDT Energy is a top supplier of gas and electric service for homes and business. Moving from your current electricity and gas provider to IDT Energy couldn’t be smoother. All you need is a recent utility bill – everything you need is on the form! You sign up for the service either online or by calling IDT Energy directly. Our customer service is always ready to provide a smooth transition to our services. Switch to IDT Energy and get competitive rates and reliable service for your electricity and natural gas via the Switch & Save program. For more info or to sign up see IDT...

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