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10th Annual M&A Advisor Turnaround Awards Gala

Mar 17, 16 10th Annual M&A Advisor Turnaround Awards Gala

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On January 28th, 2016, the awards were presented for the 10th Annual M&A Advisor Turnaround Awards. The award categories, given out by M&A Advisor included: Transaction of the Year, Refinancing of the Year, Sector Deal of the Year, Firm of the Year, Restructuring of the Year, Turnaround Product/Service of the Year and Professional of the Year. There were over 200 companies that participated and the judging was done by an independent panel of experts in the industry. Canaccord Genuity was honored to win in two categories. Geoff Richards, the Head of US Debt Finance & Restructuring for Canaccord Genuity, is also an adjunct professor at the Northwestern School of Law. They were selected as the winners in two categories. They won as the Healthcare and Life Sciences Deal of the Year winners and Canaccord Genuity with Geoff Richards also won as the Distressed M&A Deal of the Year ($50 million to $100 million). The awards ceremony took place the Colony Hotel in Palm Beach, Florida and were attended, as David Fergusson, the co-CEO and President of the M&A Advisor, said was attended by “the best of the distressed investing and reorganization industry in...

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The Fuel that Drives the New York Fashion Engine

Mar 09, 16 The Fuel that Drives the New York Fashion Engine

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Many observers recognize New York as the fashion capital of the world. Have you ever wondered about the people that have helped to create this reputation for the Big Apple? In 2015 there were some special designers that added to New York’s reputation in this trillion-dollar industry. Kara Laricks is an enormously successful fashion designer, but she did not start out in this profession; not even close. For ten years she worked as a teacher of elementary school children. Although she loved design as a child, she decided to choose a “safe” profession. She was born in 1973, and graduated from Academy of Art University of San Francisco in 2008. She now lives and works in New York City. Born on May 31, 1986, Jérôme´ LaMaar is a fifth generation New Yorker, of Cuban, Ethiopian and Afro-Portuguese heritage. Born in the Bronx, he began his career in fashion when he was only 15, working as an intern for Baby Phat by Kimora Lee Simons, in 2001. Also uncertain about his career direction, (like Laricks), LaMaar first enrolled at Brown University with the intention of studying Physics. Lucky for us fashionistas he decided to head for the walkway and went to the Fashion Institute of Technology right here in NYC, studying Fashion Design and Fabric Styling. Oh, and we know his birthday from his label: 5:31 Jérôme. Kim Haller is not a native New Yorker. She was raised in Indiana until she moved with her family to Australia.  In the mid-1980s she came back to the US to attend the Parsons School of Design. Haller joined Calvin Klein in 1989 and within her first year there became their main knitwear designer. She launched her own consultancy business in 1995, Kim Haller Design. Her firm gave concept, design and technical support to up-and-running designers who were anxious to expand and develop their knitwear collections. The great industry of fashion is fueled by a wide variety of talented, hard-working individuals who are creative, innovative and from an...

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Asia Week New York Celebrates Great Art of the Orient

Mar 07, 16 Asia Week New York Celebrates Great Art of the Orient

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The New York art world is getting ready for one of its most fun events of the year: the eighth annual Asia Week New York. Beginning on March 10 and continuing for nine days until March 19, Asia Week New York will have participants from 45 international galleries and five auction houses. Lark Mason, Chairman of this year’s event, explained: “For connoisseurs and collectors who want to immerse themselves fully in the wonders of the Far East, they know there is a once-a-year celebration that they must attend. And it’s no wonder. Asia Week combines top-flight galleries and world-renowned Asian art specialists for over a week of outstanding events and exhibitions—all sprinkled around the world’s most exhilarating city, New York!” This year nine galleries will be participating for the first time: Phoenix Ancient Art, New York, will feature Chinese bronzes Laurence Miller Gallery, New York, featuring Japanese photography Berwald Oriental Art, London showing Chinese ceramics, pottery and more DAG Modern, New York, featuring modern Indian Art Fitzgerald Fine Arts, New York, showing Chinese ceramics and contemporary art Gallery Japonesque, San Francisco, featuring contemporary Japanese ceramics and works of art Alan Kennedy, Santa Monica, Chinese textiles and paintings Renaud Montméat Art d’Asie, Paris, featuring Indian and Himalayan Art Tenzing Asian Art, San Francisco, with Hindu and Buddhist art If you are thinking that major art events like Asian Art Week are only for the wealthy, Mason says this ain’t necessarily so. “Although there is a superabundance of exquisite objects on the market, the focus by the press is invariably on the high end, leaving many less expensive works under-publicized” he said. “For the beginning collector, now is one of the best times ever to acquire gorgeous artworks at very attractive prices.” Collectors looking for something beautiful yet unusual should stop by Phoenix Ancient Art at 47 East 66th Street. The irresistible combination of the ancient world with the faraway lands of the East, makes a trip to Phoenix thrilling. One piece on hand there is...

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Wells Fargo Brings in Credit Suisse Brokers

Mar 06, 16 Wells Fargo Brings in Credit Suisse Brokers

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Head of Wells Fargo Advisors Mary Mack has been meeting with teams from New York’s Credit Suisse Group AG in an attempt to bring brokers into their firm. This, at a time that Credit Suisse is decelerating its American private-banking operations due to not having “the necessary scale to sustainably compete without significant investment or acquisition.” Ultimately it is hoped this move will help Credit Suisse raise $6.3 billion in fresh capital while scaling back its investment bank and reducing the amount of jobs it has. Wells Fargo is said to be offering some exceedingly “competitive” deals for their Credit Suisse counterparts. Packages will pay the new staff members “300% of their annual fees and commissions, with 150% given initially and up to another 150% earned over several years if certain metrics are hit.” Not everyone from Credit Suisse will take up the Wells Fargo offer though. For example, CEO of Credit Suisse, Philip Vasan will not be solicited for this deal and will thus remain at Credit Suisse in his current position. Rather his role will become more focused on the company’s transition. For Wells Fargo staff to receive the offer, they will be flown to company HQ in St. Louis and meet with personnel to get better access to the firm and its products and culture, needed since there is currently quite a broad difference between the two firms. Also it’s not a done deal that just because Credit Suisse is downsizing, they will automatically move over. According to President of Rick Peterson & Associates (a brokerage recruitment firm), Rick Peterson, “Credit Suisse’s brokers have a chance to look at the competitive landscape. The logical place to go would probably be one of the four major firms” indicating that there is no reason why they should not also be reviewing attractive job vacancies at Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley and UBS. That said, it does seem there is an advantage for these people to choose Wells Fargo. This is partly because they will...

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Nets Cut Their Last Tie with New Jersey

Feb 29, 16 Nets Cut Their Last Tie with New Jersey

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The Nets are finally completely wedded to their home court in Brooklyn, no longer having to travel back to New Jersey for practice. “At last this day has come. The Nets are 100 percent in Brooklyn,” said Mikhail Prokhorov, owner of the Brooklyn Nets and Barclays Center. “That’s presumably why we are celebrating this event with fresh-pressed juices and quinoa. In my country we would have a shot of vodka and a potato.” The umbilical cord was finally severed with the completion of the brand new 70,000-square-foot Hospital For Special Surgery Training Center in Industry City, just one subway stop away from Barclays. The center comes complete with two full basketball courts, a weight room, locker room, and amazing views of Manhattan. Brook Lopez, who is the Nets center, explained that the state-of-the-art facility will make it easier for the Nets to attract free-agents during the off-season, while also being an incredible tool for Nets players. “We have everything top of the line here, all the amenities in the world,” said Lopez. “We’re finally situated in one spot here in Brooklyn. Who doesn’t want to be in Brooklyn?” The new center is also an employment opportunity for Brooklynites. There will be at least 40 new full-time jobs available at the training center. Add that to the 200 temporary construction jobs it took to build the site, and it is clear this endeavor was welcomed by many in...

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Brooklyn Criminal Court Clerk Subjected to Mistaken Raid

Feb 21, 16 Brooklyn Criminal Court Clerk Subjected to Mistaken Raid

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Janice Blackman, age 55, and a senior clerk in the Brooklyn Criminal Court, filed a lawsuit claiming that the police forced their way into her apartment after breaking down the door, made a mess of her apartment in a vain attempt to find drugs, forced her to lie on the floor in handcuffs, and left empty-handed. They left, embarrassed, when they found her badge and ID in her purse. The lawsuit, which was filed last Friday in Brooklyn Federal Court, says that last February Blackman was cooking in her kitchen with only her bra and underpants on when police forced their way into her apartment on Nassau Street. The police then made her lie face-down on the floor of her apartment, even though the floor was covered in broken glass. Despite their best efforts, the police did not find anything of an illegal nature. As soon as they discovered Blackman’s ID and badge in her purse, “they immediately removed the handcuffs…and quickly exited from her apartment, offering only scant apologies and little by way of remorse other than a change in their...

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The Salt Marsh in Marine Park is a lot of Nature in a Big City

Feb 16, 16 The Salt Marsh in Marine Park is a lot of Nature in a Big City

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The largest park in Brooklyn is ready and waiting for visitors to experience the natural world in the midst of the crazy turbulence of living in Brooklyn. The Salt Marsh is 530 acres of grassland and marsh. It is home to countless birds and animals, including egrets, geese, sandpipers, marsh hawks, cottontail rabbits, and horseshoe crabs. Located at 3301 Avenue U, not far from Flatbush Avenue, the Salt Marsh has five miles of shoreline and a well-marked nature walk that loops back over its 1-mile length, and is mostly flat. Open from dawn to dusk, be aware that the path is dirt and gravel, and not shaded. In the summer be sure to bring lots of insect repellent and sunscreen. There is a wonderful nature center which is open from April 1 to October 31 on weekends from noon until 4pm. Kids can learn a lot about nature there, and so can adults. There are many demonstrations, lectures and events which are quite worthwhile. After your visit to the nature reserve, go visit the recreational park right on the other side of Avenue U. Marine Park is a 268-acre recreational park with baseball fields, tennis courts and bike paths with bike rentals available. For more information, go to the park’s...

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Mayor Proposes Ambitious Streetcar Project for Brooklyn-Queens

Feb 07, 16 Mayor Proposes Ambitious Streetcar Project for Brooklyn-Queens

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At an expected cost of 2.5 billion, the newly proposed Brooklyn-Queens streetcar plan is the most ambitious to date urban engineering project of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s administration. The line, which was announced in the mayor’s State of the City speech last week, will travel along the East River waterfront for 16 scenic miles. It will be part of the roads already in use, and will flow along with the regular automobile traffic. The location is key: the area which will be served by the streetcar is undergoing rapid development, and it is relatively far from traditional subway lines. The price tag is another selling point, as it is substantially lower than building a new underground subway line. There will be some bumps along the way to a functioning streetcar system, as Alicia Glen, deputy mayor for housing and economic development acknowledged that there are “some significant engineering challenges when you are putting a modern system like this in a very old city.” “The old transportation system was a hub-and-spoke approach, where people went into Manhattan for work and came back out” Ms. Glen said. “This is about mapping transit to the future of New...

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