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BRIC Celebrate Brooklyn! Back This Summer for More Cool Sounds

May 15, 16 BRIC Celebrate Brooklyn! Back This Summer for More Cool Sounds

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The BRIC Celebrate Brooklyn! Festival has announced its summer line-up, and it is awesome! The concerts are all free and will run through August 13. Starting us off right in the Prospect Park bandshell will be Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings, on June 8. Jones participated in the festival in 2010, and launched a new album last year. On July 23 Jon Batiste and Stay Human will be on vacation from their gig at the Stephen Colbert “Late Show.” In addition, many international musicians will be taking part in what is the 38th year of this amazing festival. The highlight of the festival will take place on August 6 when Paola Prestini’s “The Hubble Cantata” will be performed for the first time anywhere. The concert will feature the Norwegian orchestra 1B1, the Brooklyn Youth Chorus, and rare footage from the Hubble telescope. A part of the piece is meant to be viewed through virtual reality, and 6,000 virtual reality headsets will be distributed to audience members so they can get the total effect of the piece. There are also three benefit concerts this summer, all of which require a purchased ticket. Tame Impala on June 14-15; The Lumineers on August 3; and Herbie Hancock on August 11. For the complete schedule and other information contact...

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Dow Chemical CEO, Andrew Liveris, Receives American Chemistry Society Honor

May 10, 16 Dow Chemical CEO, Andrew Liveris, Receives American Chemistry Society Honor

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Andrew Liveris, Dow Chemical CEO recently received the Corporate Leadership Award from the Midland section of the American Chemistry Society.  When accepting the award, Liveris spoke about how important it is to educate the next generation of chemists and engineers. The Dow executive said: “I feel like I’m with my people. This is a room full of science and chemistry and people dedicated to the field of chemistry.”  He then went on to explain the significance of the anniversary pin he was wearing which represented the four decades he has been at Dow. Addressing exemplary high school and college students, Andrew Liveris recalled how he had started off just like them “many years ago now,” but that today, as Dow Chemical CEO, he has a slew of tremendous responsibilities given that the firm “employs thousands of people and creates products in markets ranging from plastics to agriculture.” With regard to Dow “educating the next generation of chemists and engineers” to which Liveris referred, the Dow Chemical CEO said that Dow sponsors American Association of Chemistry Teachers, funding “advanced chemistry research and technology-based universities” throughout America as a way to do this.  The company is very committed to such an investment, “because we understand that students like you are the key to our company’s future.” Indeed, as an illustration of this, over the last five years, the firm has hired 10,000 people under the age of...

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Fly by Night Creates Heavenly Art Installation Over Brooklyn

May 10, 16 Fly by Night Creates Heavenly Art Installation Over Brooklyn

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Simple in conception, yet awesome in execution, Fly by Night is a performance that transforms the commonplace into the sublime. Conceived and presented by Duke Riley, this incredible public art project takes 2,000 common urban pigeons- you know, the kind you wish would disappear from city life forever- and fits them with tiny LED lamps, and then lets them fly overhead at the Brooklyn Navy Yard just as the sun sets. The result is almost beyond description. The majority of the birds fly in swooping, circular patterns above the mesmerized onlookers, creating a lovely light show of streaks in the sky reminiscent of falling stars. Not all the birds follow the flock, however. The strays can be seen tracing their own unique paths, adding to the feeling that the art you are seeing is nature-based and unique- a pattern only revealed once, by forces us humans simply cannot control. The birds take off from their home on board the docked, decommissioned navel aircraft the Baylander which has been retrofitted as a roost for the thousands of pigeons used in the project. The display can be seen at the Brooklyn Navy Yard every weekend until June 12. This is one New York experience you will want to...

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All Eyes are on Relativity and Kevin Ulrich’s Anchorage Capital

May 02, 16 All Eyes are on Relativity and Kevin Ulrich’s Anchorage Capital

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All eyes are on US film studio Relativity Media LLC right now, as they just filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection and said that they would pursue a sale of the company to a group of their lenders. At the top of that list is Kevin Ulrich’s Anchorage Capital, which has invested close to $100 million in Relativity. With so much money in the game, Anchorage Capital may actually be well placed as they could have a significant voice in how the movie studio is divided up. Relativity was founded in 2004 by Ryan Kavanaugh and their films include “The Fighter” which won two Oscars and “Immortals.” It also includes, however, the poorly received “3 Days to Kill.” Kavanaugh plans to remain as the company’s chief executive and chairman and their senior management will remain in place, according to a statement. Time will tell how Relativity fairs, and how Kevin Ulrich’s Anchorage Capital does. But Anchorage appears to be well positioned. They also own a 30% stake in MGM, worth about $700 million at the moment according to the Wall Street Journal. Interestingly, Relativity plans a number of upcoming releases including “Masterminds” starring Kristin Wiig and Zach...

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Spike Lee Organizes Block Party to Celebrate Life of Prince

Apr 24, 16 Spike Lee Organizes Block Party to Celebrate Life of Prince

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Within hours of the news that Prince (Rogers Nelson) had died, Spike Lee, the iconoclastic film director, held a block party outside the premises of “40 Acres and a Mule Filmworks” studio in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. Hundreds of fans of the iconic rocker met to celebrate the life and music of Prince, whose style and genre of music is outside any definable box. Describing the unlikely “party,” 38-year-old Rob Robinson said, “Tonight is about the feelings Prince evoked in all the people who ever heard his music. Many musicians master an instrument. Prince touched hearts. Prince is about love.” Lee, dressed in purple to evoke Prince’s great song Purple Rain, danced and pranced through the crowd, singing along with every song spun by the DJ playing Prince’s music. “It’s a celebration,” Lee said. “We are here to celebrate Prince’s life.” The party ended with a 20-minute version of Purple Rain, leaving many teary-eyed, but happy to have joined in the festivities celebrating the musician’s...

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The Battle of the Dems Comes to Brooklyn

Apr 11, 16 The Battle of the Dems Comes to Brooklyn

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After a few accusations and finger pointing, the two left-standing Democratic candidates, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, have agreed on a date for their face-off debate. The two presidential wannabes both have deep roots in the Empire State: Hillary is a former New York senator, and Bernie is a homie who left to the greener pastures of Vermont, where he presently serves as a senator. The great debate date is inscribed to take place on April 14, in Brooklyn, and will be hosted by CNN in partnership with Time Warner Cable’s NY 1, a channel which is focused on New York news stories. Coming into the debate Clinton is ahead of Sanders by quite a bit delegate-wise. Sanders’ Wisconsin win last Tuesday gives him a nice boost and builds momentum. He has succeeded in the last five out of six primaries last held, helping Sanders campaign and giving Clinton a run for her money. The New York primary will be held on Tuesday, April 19, only five days after the...

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Anchin Experts Suggest Ways to Save Taxes

Apr 10, 16 Anchin Experts Suggest Ways to Save Taxes

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Many taxpayers collect a refund on the taxes they paid during the previous year, but according to some experts, their refunds could be even bigger if they only knew about a whole host of deductions they are eligible for. Anchin, Block & Anchin CPA Richard Baum explained that anyone who relocated due to a job switch is entitled to take the moving expenses as a deduction. All that is required is that the move be 50 miles or more away from their previous residence. Baum adds that even in the case of a first job these expenses, including gas and a moving van, are deductible. “Moving expenses for someone’s first job are deductible,” says Richard Baum, a CPA and tax partner at Anchin, Block, & Anchin, a New York based accounting firm. What other expenses are taxpayers entitled to deduct? Anchin experts say that half of the self-employment tax which self-employed people must pay is deductible. In addition, health insurance premiums are also deductible for the self-employed. All taxpayers are eligible to deduct the premiums they pay for long-term care insurance. Anchin, Block & Anchin also remind people that it pays to give. While most people realize that charitable contributions are deductible, they might not be aware that some charity-related expenses are also deductible. One good example is that the ingredients someone purchases to bake a cake for a bake sale to raise money for a cause are deductible, too. You can also deduct the mileage from the trip to a fund-raising event. Richard Baum of Anchin adds that anyone who has an investment portfolio and wants to give to a charity should rather give appreciated stock instead of writing a check. “Give that stock away in kind, get a tax deduction for the higher value, and never pay a capital gains tax,” Anchin’s Baum...

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Vandals De-face Brooklyn Police Car

Apr 03, 16 Vandals De-face Brooklyn Police Car

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Two policemen of the 84th Precinct were about to go out on patrol when they were confronted with a disturbing sight: two swastikas were painted on the marked car, and one tire was slashed. The incident occurred in Downtown Brooklyn on Gold Street right in front of the police station. The policemen discovered the defaced car at about 6pm last Monday evening. One swastika, which was the pre-eminent symbol of the Nazi party during World War II, was found on the hood of the car, while the other was drawn on the door. Police are investigating and searching the area carefully for the culprit or culprits, hoping that nearby surveillance cameras can lead them to the...

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