Made in New York Coming to Fashion and Film Industries

The tops of the 5th avenue buildings, and the dome of St Michaels (4th Avenue) on the left, as seen from the hills of the western slope of Sunset Park. Photo by GK tramrunner229

Sunset Park is slated to become the home of a new “Made in NY” campus as $136 million is dedicated to a facelift of an old Brooklyn warehouse. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced his ambitious plan to construct a city-run complex that will rent out space to television and movie makers and companies in the fashion industry.

The project is predicting the addition of 1,500 new, permanent jobs by the year 2020 with salaries in the $55,000 vicinity. In order to construct the site about 800 temporary jobs have been created.

The building of the campus is part of de Blasio’s overall goal of creating 100,000 new jobs in the city by the year 2026.

The warehouse, known as Bush Terminal, is composed of two existing buildings which will be revamped to provide 200,000 square feet of garment manufacturing space, a brand new 100,000 square foot film and TV production studio, pedestrian-friendly streets, and a new plaza area.

Representatives for the mayor’s office said that the project will be meeting the needs of both the fashion and film industry, which have already declared their need for affordable space in which to grow and add jobs.

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