Treffen Sie den jüdischen Hedge Fund Manager hinter Taylor Force Act

Wie politischer Außenseiter, Sander Gerber, spielte eine Schlüsselrolle bei der Beendigung von PA’s Martyrs ‘ Pension Plan. Im Februar, Sander Gerber, Chief Executive von einem New Yorker Hedge-Fonds, montiert die Bühne auf eine einflussreiche jährliche Versammlung von konservativen Aktivisten und gewählten Beamten aus den Vereinigten Staaten. “Danke für die Gelegenheit, etwas überraschend zu teilen, was ehrlich gesagt ich nicht wusste”, sagte Gerber in seinem Vortrag auf der konservativen politischen Action-Konferenz (CPAC), die sich selbst der “Geburtsort” des modernen Konservativen beschreibt. Gerber, trug eine schwarze Kipa, fuhr fort, das Publikum über das “Pay to erschlagen”-Programm der palästinensischen Autonomiebehörde zu erziehen, ein System, das im palästinensischen Gesetz kodifiziert wurde, das finanzielle Zahlungen und Renten plant, verurteilt Terroristen und die Familien der Palästinenser, die Gewalt gegen Israelis oder Amerikaner begehen. Die US-Steuerzahler foots einige der Rechnungen für die Zahlungen und Pension Plan als Teil von America’s rund $400 Millionen ein Jahr ausländische Beihilfen Paket für die palästinensischen Gebiete. Aber vielleicht nicht lange, wegen einer Rechnung, die sich schnell in den Senat Stock. Bekannt als The Taylor Force Act-benannt in Erinnerung an die Texas-Native und West Point Graduate, die in den Tod von einem palästinensischen Angreifer gestochen wurde, während Besuch in Tel Aviv in 2016-die Gesetzgebung, die seit Erhalt von Belang Unterstützung, wurde durch den Senat verabschiedet Ausschuss für auswärtige Beziehungen am vergangenen Donnerstag mit einer 17-zu-4-Abstimmung. Sollte es passieren, würde die Rechnung der staatlichen Abteilung zu zwingen, die Mittel für die PA, wenn Sie leitet alle Mittel gegen Terroristen oder ihre Familien. Die PA wäre auch verpflichtet, “glaubwürdige Schritte” gegen Anstiftung zu Gewalt gegen Israelis und Amerikaner zu ergreifen. Am Montag, Senat Minority Leader Charles Schumer fügte seinen Namen als Co-Sponsor der Rechnung, Zementierung der zweigliedrigen Unterstützung für die Gesetzgebung und fast sicher, dass es Gesetz werden wird. Wer, dann ist Sander Gerber, der Mann, den viele glauben, war dazu beigetragen, die P.A. Praxis der Zahlungen und Pension plan für Terroristen und ihre Familien in die Öffentlichkeit zu bringen? Die ehemalige und 1989 ansässige Universität von Pennsylvania...

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Brief Power Fail Causes Subway Delays Throughout Brooklyn, Manhattan

Sep 18, 17 Brief Power Fail Causes Subway Delays Throughout Brooklyn, Manhattan

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At about 1pm on Sunday a transformer near Jay street blew out, interrupting subway service between downtown Manhattan and Brooklyn. Despite the temporary nature of the failure directly effecting service on the A, C, E, F and G lines, other lines far from the source of the trouble experienced delays as well. Not only did the outage disrupt subway signals causing delays to mass transport throughout the city, above ground three buildings in the Red Hook Houses , the largest public housing project in Brooklyn, were also affected. Emergency workers from Con Edison and electricians from the New York City Housing Authority arrived to the area to resolve any issues. One resident on life-support required help. Governor Andrew Cuomo asked the state to look into the extent of responsibility Con Edison bore for the transformer’s failure. “ConEd must be held accountable for the multitude of issues with their infrastructure that are too frequently impacting the lives of millions of New Yorkers,” the governor said. By about 3pm everything was once again up and running as usual, although system failures seem to be occurring with more regularity recently. This past summer was especially difficult in terms of delays, meltdowns and...

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Leaning Bars Bring Boos in Brooklyn Train Station

Sep 12, 17 Leaning Bars Bring Boos in Brooklyn Train Station

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After six-months of renovations, the 53rd Street station in Brooklyn is open for business. Commuters expressed a mixture of pleasure, bewilderment and disappointment at the changes they found. For $72 million three R lines stations got facelifts as part of Governor Cuomo’s plan to re-do and upgrade 33 stations overall. Travelers were happy to see glass barriers, bright lights, beautiful new art, and even USB ports at the Sunset Park station. What they weren’t quite as glad to see was something new: leaning bars. One commuter said, “I was wondering what it is.” She is a nurse, and because she is on her feet all day long she would, “rather have benches instead of this leaning thing.” It seems several people had the same reaction to the leaning bars. The trains on the R line are notoriously interspersed, often ten minutes between trains. Often called the “Rarely line,” several commuters voiced their preference for a comfortable place to sit. Without benches homeless people have nowhere to lie down, say some. Joe Rappaport, executive director of the Brooklyn Center for Independence, a non-profit organization supporting those with disabilities, said the design of the leaning bars is “incredibly unwelcoming,” and uncomfortable. “People who travel who have disabilities or just get tired sometimes need a bench to sit on, not a wall to lean against,” Rappaport said. “You want to lean, you can lean. There’s a wall in the subway station.” There is also disappointment that much needed elevators have not yet been installed. An elevator would be helpful not only to those with disabilities, but also to the elderly and people with children in strollers. At the moment, the Metropolitan Transit Authority has the budget to install elevators and escalators in 19 stations. The MTA defends its decision to install the leaning bars, asserting that none of the benches that were there before were taken out. “These bars were adopted for the convenience of subway users, providing them with options while taking up very little floor...

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Park Slope School Principal Cleared of Communist Organizing

Aug 31, 17 Park Slope School Principal Cleared of Communist Organizing

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Jill Bloomberg, principal of Park Slope Collegiate high school has been absolved of accusations made against her contending that she was organizing and hosting on-campus Communist meetings. Officials of the Department of Education announced last week that after extensive investigation into the allegations, Ms. Bloomberg is completely clear of any wrongdoing related to the claims. The Office of Special Investigations did find Bloomberg guilty of other, unrelated infractions of minor rules. Michael Aciman, department spokesman, said that “appropriate disciplinary action will be taken” for her failure to get permission from the parents of students to show a documentary at school; to hire a substitute teacher without the proper authorization; and to offer a history class to fulfill a required government credit without getting permission. Bloomberg says the original accusations originated with an employee with something against her, stating that: “The DOE has admitted that they initiated an investigation against me based on allegations from a completely unreliable source,” she said. “Nonetheless, while finding the allegations of Communist organizing to be patently false, they are still threatening disciplinary action based on minor bureaucratic complaints from the same discredited source. Any disciplinary action is simple retaliation for our defense of our students, their civil rights and our advocacy for integration.” Jeanne Miller, Bloomberg’s lawyer, said that the claims the DOE brought against Bloomberg were wrong and are the equivalent of harassment. “They felt like they had to find something because they had fought so hard to do this investigation,” Mirer said. “Her reputation as a professional has been hurt by what is clearly a retaliatory action.” Some parents and employees at the school have supported Bloomberg. The New York Civil Liberties Union sent a letter to lawyers at the DOE asking them to drop the investigation....

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Judge Says He Can’t Promise El Chapo’s Lawyers Will Get Paid

Aug 15, 17 Judge Says He Can’t Promise El Chapo’s Lawyers Will Get Paid

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US District Judge Brian Cogan did not make accused drug lord “El Chapo’s” lawyers feel reassured about their eventual compensation at Monday’s Brooklyn hearing. When the hearing commenced Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman was seen waving to his wife and twin daughters, who were viewing the proceedings from the second row of the public seating in the courtroom. The judge then informed Guzman and his lawyers that the government could not promise that the drug lord’s assets would not be seized, thus depriving the lawyers of their compensation. El Chapo, who has twice staged dramatic prison breaks in Mexico, is being tried in Brooklyn for heading up a multi-billion-dollar international drug trafficking ring which carried out multiple murders and kidnappings. He was extradited from Mexico in January, and has been held in solitary confinement in a prison in lower Manhattan. His lawyers are worried that if the government seizes Guzman’s money, there will be nothing left to pay them. Among Guzman lawyers is Jeff Lichtman, who was able to successfully defend the son of mafia scion John Gotti. The government has said it wants to collect $14 billion in drug money from El Chapo. Guzman’s lawyers argued that they want to alleviate the taxpayer’s burden of having to pay the public defenders the court would appoint, but only if they know in advance they will be compensated. After the hearing and Judge Cogan’s ruling, Lichtman said he still wanted to find a way to defend his client, who pleaded not guilty to charges of running a drug trafficking cartel that laundered billions of dollars and committed murder and kidnapping. The hearing lasted 15 minutes during which El Chapo turned to look at his family several times, with clear emotion in his face. He is scheduled to spend some time with his family for the first time in seven months this...

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New York City U-Bahn bedarf dringender Reparaturen

Jul 24, 17 New York City U-Bahn bedarf dringender Reparaturen

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Zunehmende Probleme haben den zerfallenden Zustand des weiten U-Bahn-Systems von New York City offenbart, eines Systems, das auf viele Arten das Kreislaufsystem ist, das die Stadt am Leben hält. Das letzte Ereignis umfasste eine Entgleisung nah der Haltestelle Brighton Beach gegen 9:00 Uhr letzten Freitag. Zum Glück wurden keine Verletzungen berichtet, als ein Satz Räder auf dem zweiten Wagen von den Schienen fiel. Ein anderer Zug kam, um die Passagiere abzuholen, aber der Dienst auf den B- und Q-Linien war während der viel befahrenen morgendlichen Pendlerstunden ernsthaft gestört. Diese Entgleisung folgte dem Ereignis in Manhattan, das Verletzungen bei über 20 Menschen verursachte. Andere Systemstörungen haben den Dienst beeinträchtigt oder Schaden verursacht, wie Signalprobleme in Manhattan, ein Feuer auf den U-Bahn-Gleisen im oberen Manhattan, das neun Menschen ins Krankenhaus schickte, und ein Zug in Queens mit mechanischen Problemen. Die Interimsdirektorin der Metropolitan Transportation Authority, Veronique Hakim, sagte, dass die Entgleisung von Brooklyn untersucht wurde, aber es war nicht sofort klar, was das Ereignis verursachte. Es waren circa 135 Menschen an Bord, was als “leichte Last” für den Zug galt. Fr. Hakim entschuldigte sich für das Ereignis vom Freitag: “Es tut uns leid, dass dies heute Morgen geschah,” sagte Fr. Hakim. Wer tatsächlich verantwortlich ist für die allgemeine Instandhaltung des U-Bahn-Systems, scheint unklar zu sein. Joseph J. Lhota, Vorsitzender der MTA, drängte Bürgermeister Bill de Blasio, die notwendigen Reparaturen am alternden System durchzuführen. Hr. Lhota sagte, er habe einen Vorschlag für Notfälle, der bald veröffentlicht werde, der besagt, dass die Stadt und der Staat die Verantwortung übernehmen müssten und die Gelder für die Reparaturen zur Verfügung stellen müssten. Hr. Lhota ist sich mit Gouverneur Andrew M. Cuomo einig, der den Bürgermeister von New York dafür ermahnte, nicht die Verantwortung für das U-Bahn-System übernommen zu haben, das der Stadt gehört. Die Unterstützer des Verkehrsbetriebes haben eine andere Meinung, die besagt, dass der Gouverneur die Verantwortung übernehmen muss, da er die MTA kontrolliert, indem er den Vorsitzenden auswählt und selbst mehr und mehr an den Aktivitäten der Agentur...

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