Park Slope School Losing Funding for Lack of State Test Participation

Jun 08, 16 Park Slope School Losing Funding for Lack of State Test Participation

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PS 10 in Park Slope will lose a $75,000 grant because 12 percent of its student body opted out of state testing. This is despite the fact that NYC Public Advocate Letitia James sent a letter to families back in April assuring them that failure to participate in state testing would not result in negative consequences for the school or students. Now that the school, along with 15 others in the district have lost their reward school status, parents are working to reverse that decision. In order to be eligible for reward school status at least 95 percent of the student body must take the state exams. “I am alarmed that my school isn’t getting the rewards because people chose to opt out because of the tests,” parent Theresa Westerdahl said. “It’s a shame and it’s very unsettling,” said Tyndall Arrasmith, co-president of the PTA. “Parents when they opt out, it’s a personal choice,” Letitia James said. “Their schools should not be...

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Upstate New York Comes to Brooklyn with Tacos

May 23, 16 Upstate New York Comes to Brooklyn with Tacos

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A new idea is about to blossom in the Gowanus section of Brooklyn: A Taco stand which also offers products hailing from upstate New York. The shop will be called Josephina, and it is the brainchild of April Valencia, artist and photographer. Located in Gowanus in the backyard of the Pines, a popular eatery on 3rd Avenue, Josephina is hoping to “bridge the gap” between gourmet New York tacos which are beginning to emerge around town, and Mexico City street tacos “that you’re worried might make you sick,” Valencia says. The idea for Josephina was born when Valencia and Pines’ owner Carver Farrel, took a trip from Mexico City to Oaxaca a year ago. Since then they have been creating recipes and testing them on their friends, using ingredients from local merchants. The fluke for the ceviche is caught in Long Island on Wednesday and served on Thursday. All the meat and cheese comes from farms upstate. The tortillas are made fresh every day using hand-ground corn. In addition to tacos patrons can purchase New-Age type goods such as desert stones, tonics, elixirs and indigo-dyed knits. Josephina is scheduled to open this...

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Vandals De-face Brooklyn Police Car

Apr 03, 16 Vandals De-face Brooklyn Police Car

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Two policemen of the 84th Precinct were about to go out on patrol when they were confronted with a disturbing sight: two swastikas were painted on the marked car, and one tire was slashed. The incident occurred in Downtown Brooklyn on Gold Street right in front of the police station. The policemen discovered the defaced car at about 6pm last Monday evening. One swastika, which was the pre-eminent symbol of the Nazi party during World War II, was found on the hood of the car, while the other was drawn on the door. Police are investigating and searching the area carefully for the culprit or culprits, hoping that nearby surveillance cameras can lead them to the...

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Get Real Achaar from Brooklyn Delhi

Mar 28, 16 Get Real Achaar from Brooklyn Delhi

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Until Chitra Agrawal started making her own achaar– strongly flavored Indian pickles- it was impossible to get properly made achaar in New York. Growing up, Agrawal loved eating lots of achaar, made by her aunts and grandmother back in India. When she grew up, she would bring back jars of the delicious treat back with her from India to New York. When Agrawal and her then boyfriend Ben Garthus finished the pickles, they soon realized that it was impossible to get as good tasting achaar in New York. She thought they were made with too much salt, preservatives, and “really bad oils.” Agrawal decided the time had come to simply make them herself. “Achaar is made all over India, but the type of fruits, vegetables, and oils they use vary by location,” Agrawal explained. “In the south, they often use sesame oil and spices like fenugreek. In the north, they might make it from carrot or cauliflower, in a base of mustard oil with nigella seeds.” Agrawal’s achaar is made with small amounts of salt and oil, allowing the freshness of the local ingredients she was using burst through. The first few batches that she made she served at pop-up dinners and cooking classes that she was already hosting. “People responded because they’re really different in flavor and more intense than something like a chutney, which you make and eat when it’s fresh” she said. “With achaar, the flavor gets better over time.” With so much support from the people who tried her achaar, she decided to launch Brooklyn...

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Asia Week New York Celebrates Great Art of the Orient

Mar 07, 16 Asia Week New York Celebrates Great Art of the Orient

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The New York art world is getting ready for one of its most fun events of the year: the eighth annual Asia Week New York. Beginning on March 10 and continuing for nine days until March 19, Asia Week New York will have participants from 45 international galleries and five auction houses. Lark Mason, Chairman of this year’s event, explained: “For connoisseurs and collectors who want to immerse themselves fully in the wonders of the Far East, they know there is a once-a-year celebration that they must attend. And it’s no wonder. Asia Week combines top-flight galleries and world-renowned Asian art specialists for over a week of outstanding events and exhibitions—all sprinkled around the world’s most exhilarating city, New York!” This year nine galleries will be participating for the first time: Phoenix Ancient Art, New York, will feature Chinese bronzes Laurence Miller Gallery, New York, featuring Japanese photography Berwald Oriental Art, London showing Chinese ceramics, pottery and more DAG Modern, New York, featuring modern Indian Art Fitzgerald Fine Arts, New York, showing Chinese ceramics and contemporary art Gallery Japonesque, San Francisco, featuring contemporary Japanese ceramics and works of art Alan Kennedy, Santa Monica, Chinese textiles and paintings Renaud Montméat Art d’Asie, Paris, featuring Indian and Himalayan Art Tenzing Asian Art, San Francisco, with Hindu and Buddhist art If you are thinking that major art events like Asian Art Week are only for the wealthy, Mason says this ain’t necessarily so. “Although there is a superabundance of exquisite objects on the market, the focus by the press is invariably on the high end, leaving many less expensive works under-publicized” he said. “For the beginning collector, now is one of the best times ever to acquire gorgeous artworks at very attractive prices.” Collectors looking for something beautiful yet unusual should stop by Phoenix Ancient Art at 47 East 66th Street. The irresistible combination of the ancient world with the faraway lands of the East, makes a trip to Phoenix thrilling. One piece on hand there is...

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