Mets Make Appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live from Brooklyn

Oct 26, 15 Mets Make Appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live from Brooklyn

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Several members of the National League Baseball champions, the New York Mets, appeared on the late night talk show “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” David Wright, Matt Harvey, Jacob deGrom and Wilmer Flores, were guests on the popular show’s Friday night segment, which had been previously recorded. The show aired only moments after the Kansas City Royals won the American League pennant, making them the team the Mets will need to beat to win the World Series. During Kimmel’s opening monologue he joked about the high prices of the tickets to the World Series at Citi Field, saying that “The only people who can afford to go to a Mets game are Derek Jeter and A-Rod right now.” Kimmel discussed several topics with the players including the proposed trade of Flores to the Milwaukee Brewers and the anger New Yorkers have towards Chase Utley of the Los Angeles Dodgers for fracturing the Mets’ Ruben Tejanda’s leg while he was going for a slide at Dodger Stadium during the National League Championship Series. Kimmel also pulled out a Halloween costume which is supposed to remind people of deGrom’s flowing long hair, but Kimmel pointed out that the costume does double duty also as “The brunette...

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March Over Brooklyn Bridge Showcases Plight of Groups Losing Space in Schools

Oct 19, 15 March Over Brooklyn Bridge Showcases Plight of Groups Losing Space in Schools

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As many as 500 students participated in a protest march across the Brooklyn Bridge on Sunday in support of additional and safer places to engage in athletics in the New York City. The march was led by the Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams and was joined by coaches, parents and representatives from lots of sports teams across the City. Adams said he would be happy to see the city’s Department of Education allow sports teams and other athletic programs given more time on school grounds during off hours. “We’re talking about one of the most important aspects of a child’s development and we’re not giving it the support it deserves,” said Adams. Adams added that the city’s schools are too often unavailable for athletic groups and teams. In addition, Adams said, when space is available the schools charge a lot for it, as much as hundreds of dollars per hour. He believes that approved groups and teams should have the high fees waved. “Then we’re asking why are our children are so stationary,” said Adams. One example mentioned by Adams is the case of the Soul Tigers Marching Band. A program based in East New York, Brooklyn, the band lost its practice space in a city public school. The group, which has in the past led the iconic Thanksgiving Day Parade, was only given back its space after a long, arduous fight in which the borough president and other elected officials had to step in. “DOE property is an extension of community resources, but a lot of these decisions are being done in a vacuum,” he...

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Parents Demand Equality for Public Schools and Expansion of Charter Schools

Oct 08, 15 Parents Demand Equality for Public Schools and Expansion of Charter Schools

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Approximately 18,500 supporters of charter schools marched on City Hall on Wednesday to persuade Mayor Bill de Blasio to treat charter schools equally with other public schools, and to increase the number of schools in the charter system. Ruben Diaz Jr, Bronx Borough President and possible candidate for mayor in 2017 addressed the crowd, saying that he will “always be a supporter of charter schools.” “Mr. Mayor, what we’re saying here today is this: The public-schools system is your system. Charter schools are a part of that system, and all we want from you, Mr. Mayor, is to treat them equitably,” proclaimed Diaz to the crowd who walked across the Brooklyn Bridge in red tee-shirts emblazoned with the mottoes “I Fight to End Inequality” and “Don’t Steal Possible.” Before the march the crowd held a rally in Cadman Plaza. Parents described to the gathering how charter schools have made a big difference in the lives of their children. Patrick Cabiness, whose son attends third grade at PS 67 in Fort Greene lamented the poor education his son is now receiving. “I have seen firsthand how the mayor is failing our public schools. At my son’s school, nine out of 10 kids do not read on grade level,” Cabiness said. Another parent, Natasha Shannon of Washington Heights, exclaimed that the mayor’s own children would never be sent to one of the city’s failing public schools. All of her daughters go to Success Academy schools. Along with parents, teachers, children and politicians were in attendance, demanding equality for schools. The mayor spoke on the radio as the rally was beginning, explaining that his job is to serve the greater school population. “Our vision for the New York City public schools is that every school is going to be brought up to the point of excellence. And look, the vast majority of our kids — about 93, 94 percent of our kids — are in traditional public schools. We have to turn them around,” the mayor said....

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Bitty Brooklyn Bungalow Has Astronomical Price Tag

Jul 27, 15 Bitty Brooklyn Bungalow Has Astronomical Price Tag

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A tiny home in Windsor Terrace has an asking price designed to make prospective buyers take notice. The 900-square-foot, three-bedroom bungalow with a wild front and back yards was placed on the market for a cool $1.25 million. The little home is sandwiched between two much larger homes, giving the impression that it didn’t get the memo to grow up. The listing is a real lesson in realtor-speak: “Super sweet, lovely and charming,” are the opening words of an exquisitely creative listing for the 17-foot wide cottage at 658 Vanderbilt Street. Especially upbeat is the home’s description as a “…truly unique property that has always, over the years, commanded the attention of onlookers and admirers!” This is definitely a true statement, however misleading it may be. Keep in mind that in Brooklyn, as location begins to become the be-all and end-all of a property’s worth, the real value here most likely lies in the fact that according to the area’s zoning rules, the baby-bear house can be swept into the trash to make way for a three story papa-bear near-mansion, with all the latest amenities. According to realtor Barbara Puccia, “Someone can move right in or knock it down,” she said. “The neighborhood would be sad to see it go, but I have to market it in its full diversity. People are paying the same amount for a condo. Here you get a house with a back yard.” The house was built during the end of the 19th century, and rumors say that it was once located inside Prospect Park. Owner Heather Baley paid a mere $150,000 for the house in 1989. We are excited to see how the deal...

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Brooklyn Little League Opens with Fun Day Parade

Apr 12, 15 Brooklyn Little League Opens with Fun Day Parade

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The sun is finally shining, the players are thawing, the field is newly trimmed: it must be Little League opening day in Brooklyn- lets have a parade! With smiles of excitement and joy, members of the Prospect Park Baseball Association’s Little League shared their feelings with their families as they walked down Seventh Avenue together to arrive at Prospect Park in Park Slope for Opening Day. Mayor Bill de Blasio was on hand to toss out the first pitch of the season in front of a happy crowd feeling good that the winter seems to have once and for all come to a close. “It’s beautiful. This is when you know spring is really happening, when you get to Opening Day of baseball,” de Blasio said. One of the parade-goers said to CBS2’s Ilana Gold that: “It feels amazing; we’ve been waiting for weeks!” Another participant, Patrick Watson of Carrol Gardens said: “Thank goodness, it’s about time. We’ve all frozen through a long winter.” When asked “How excited are you to start the season?” Florence Toimil of Prospect Park answered: “Pretty happy. I’ve been waiting for it for a while so it’s nice.” “I’ve been waiting for like five months,” Wallace added. City officials made sure that the fields were ready in time for Opening Day, despite the rough time they had during this year’s harsh...

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