Bitty Brooklyn Bungalow Has Astronomical Price Tag

Jul 27, 15 Bitty Brooklyn Bungalow Has Astronomical Price Tag

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A tiny home in Windsor Terrace has an asking price designed to make prospective buyers take notice. The 900-square-foot, three-bedroom bungalow with a wild front and back yards was placed on the market for a cool $1.25 million. The little home is sandwiched between two much larger homes, giving the impression that it didn’t get the memo to grow up. The listing is a real lesson in realtor-speak: “Super sweet, lovely and charming,” are the opening words of an exquisitely creative listing for the 17-foot wide cottage at 658 Vanderbilt Street. Especially upbeat is the home’s description as a “…truly unique property that has always, over the years, commanded the attention of onlookers and admirers!” This is definitely a true statement, however misleading it may be. Keep in mind that in Brooklyn, as location begins to become the be-all and end-all of a property’s worth, the real value here most likely lies in the fact that according to the area’s zoning rules, the baby-bear house can be swept into the trash to make way for a three story papa-bear near-mansion, with all the latest amenities. According to realtor Barbara Puccia, “Someone can move right in or knock it down,” she said. “The neighborhood would be sad to see it go, but I have to market it in its full diversity. People are paying the same amount for a condo. Here you get a house with a back yard.” The house was built during the end of the 19th century, and rumors say that it was once located inside Prospect Park. Owner Heather Baley paid a mere $150,000 for the house in 1989. We are excited to see how the deal...

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Brooklyn Little League Opens with Fun Day Parade

Apr 12, 15 Brooklyn Little League Opens with Fun Day Parade

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The sun is finally shining, the players are thawing, the field is newly trimmed: it must be Little League opening day in Brooklyn- lets have a parade! With smiles of excitement and joy, members of the Prospect Park Baseball Association’s Little League shared their feelings with their families as they walked down Seventh Avenue together to arrive at Prospect Park in Park Slope for Opening Day. Mayor Bill de Blasio was on hand to toss out the first pitch of the season in front of a happy crowd feeling good that the winter seems to have once and for all come to a close. “It’s beautiful. This is when you know spring is really happening, when you get to Opening Day of baseball,” de Blasio said. One of the parade-goers said to CBS2’s Ilana Gold that: “It feels amazing; we’ve been waiting for weeks!” Another participant, Patrick Watson of Carrol Gardens said: “Thank goodness, it’s about time. We’ve all frozen through a long winter.” When asked “How excited are you to start the season?” Florence Toimil of Prospect Park answered: “Pretty happy. I’ve been waiting for it for a while so it’s nice.” “I’ve been waiting for like five months,” Wallace added. City officials made sure that the fields were ready in time for Opening Day, despite the rough time they had during this year’s harsh...

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Trio of Vandals Hit Brooklyn Cyclones’ Stadium

Feb 15, 15 Trio of Vandals Hit Brooklyn Cyclones’ Stadium

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The bad weather of Winter Storm Juno, locked gates, nor surveillance cameras were enough incentive to three determined vandals on the evening of January 26, say Brooklyn police. The teens, as determined from videos taken by cameras on the premises, entered the Coney Island home turf of the Cyclones through a loading dock at about 8:30pm, despite a steady downfall of snow. The boys went straight to the locker room and plastered graffiti on the walls and elsewhere, and then stole a pair of baseball bats and a pair of catcher’s masks. They then exited through a side door. There was no doubt something was wrong when the next morning workers arrived. The boys left behind some unmistakable clues of their presence. “[The break-in] happened during the snowstorm. [The next morning] we saw footprints in the stadium that shouldn’t have been there,” said Cyclones spokesman Billy Harner. “We were just able to follow the footprints.” The telltale footprints led the Cyclone’s personnel straight to the batting tunnel and the player’s clubhouse. “The fortunate part is that basically everything else in the stadium was locked up,” Harner said. “The unfortunate part is that they took things that we use with clinics for young kids to spread the game of baseball.” The estimated value of the stolen gear is about $200, so, according to Harner, the programs should be able to continue without missing a...

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Thousands Pay Last Respects to Murdered Police Officer

Dec 28, 14 Thousands Pay Last Respects to Murdered Police Officer

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On Saturday thousands of mourners came to pay their last respects to Rafael Ramos, one of last week’s two murdered NYPD police officers. The funeral took place at the Christ Tabernacle Church for the 40-year-old married father of two. Ramos was assassinated along with his partner, Wenjian Liu, 32, while they were sitting in their patrol car. Their murderer, Ismaaiyl Brinsley, killed himself shortly after shooting the two officers. Brinsley had posted on social media before the attack that he wanted to “put wings on pigs.” New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, who has been censured by the police department for his comments about the way law enforcement has been treating blacks, eulogized Ramos. “An attack on the New York Police Department is an attack on all of us. It’s an attack on our system of justice. We are a nation of laws. We are a state of laws,” de Blasio said. To show their distrust and anger with previous remarks made by the mayor, many of the police officers in attendance turned their backs on him when he took to the podium. De Blasio had remarked a few weeks ago that he was fearful about how police might treat his own son, who is bi-racial. In addition to much of the NYPD, there were officers from all over the country at the funeral, all wearing blue uniforms and white gloves. The thousands were crowded into the streets surrounding the church, watching the speakers on big screens peppered throughout the area. Vice President Joe Biden offered words of consolation to the family and friends of Ramos, as well as the families of all law enforcement personnel. He said that most people take the sacrifice police officers make for granted, and only when horrible events like these take place do they “become aware of the sacrifice they make every single day.” “Thousands upon thousands upon thousands of American families stand and wait so their husbands and wives, fathers and sons can serve the rest...

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YouthBuild, USA Helps Send Kids to College

Dec 10, 14 YouthBuild, USA Helps Send Kids to College

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In early December of last year the founder of Youthbuild USA, Dorothy Stoneman, met with President and Michelle Obama, Vice President Biden and hundreds of leaders in higher education. They came together to announce new initiatives designed to support more students to prepare for and graduate from college. YouthBuild USA is a nationwide organization which sponsors programs for low-income youth from age 16 to 24 to help then get either their high school diplomas or GEDs while simultaneously learning job skills through the construction of affordable housing. The organization receives support from government agencies, and private foundations.  The Department of Labor is the major government funder of YouthBuild’s programs. Private funders include Blackstone Medical co-founder Michael Lyons, the John Heinz Charitable Fund, and InContext Enterprises. The White House created the “College Opportunity Day of Action” to support President Obama’s desire to create partnerships between colleges and universities, business leaders and non-profit organizations. Together these groups can give a leg up to the nation’s youth to get to college, helping the country attain its goal of being the world leader in college entrance and graduation. With the generous help from private donations, YouthBuild USA hopes to increase the rate of FAFSA completion, the college application and access rates, and lower the need for remedial college classes. Reaching these goals is one of the keys to increased opportunity and prosperity for the...

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